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How To Be Popular At Parties


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Humor and hypnosis have a lot in common.

The only difference is time, and scale.

For example, a common technique in humor, especially short jokes, is ambiguity.

Specifically, phonetic ambiguity.

Phonetic ambiguity is when two words sound the same but have a different meaning.

You'll find this is the structure of many playground riddles.

What did the beach say when the tide came in?

Long time no sea.

(get it? Long time no see - long time no sea)

Which building in town has the most stories?

The library!

stories (floors) - stories (once upon a time...)

This is the same structure of covert hypnosis.

Perhaps the most famous "phonetic ambiguity" is the cheesy, "buy now."

Buy now, Mr. Customer, you realize what a great deal this is and BUY NOW, you might be wondering what kind warranty we offer...

But there are many other ways to use ambiguity.

In jokes, and in the common, "buy now" example, the ambiguity is quick and spontaneous.

If you "don't get" a joke, it's not funny. The double meaning has to hit your brain all at once.

But for much longer effects, there are many different types of ambiguities.

Most people think of covert hypnosis for sales, therapy or even seduction.

This is possible, and takes some practice.

What is much easier is using drawn out ambiguities for humor-like effects.

When using covert hypnosis for seduction, sales or therapy, you need to create a specific outcome, and calibrate your target accurately.

And through a long and careful conversation, slowly guide them, using hypnosis, to your outcome.

But when you are just going for a laugh or a goofy, "WTF?" effect, it's much easier.

Embedded within the techniques of covert hypnosis are plenty of techniques that are PERFECT for party tricks.

Even direct hypnosis, when everybody knows what's going on (you, the subject, everybody watching) is pretty easy once you understand the structure.

This makes it pretty straightforward to slowly build up a MASSIVE party hypnosis arsenal.

Since making people laugh (or confused, or tranced out, or all three) is much easier.

And soon you'll be able to create a party atmosphere EVERYWHERE you go.

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