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How To Practice Vibing


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One of the best conversations I've ever had was with a deaf person.

In another country where few people speak English.

So even if she could speak, we wouldn't be able to understand each other.

So how did we communicate?


Facial expressions.

And a calculator.

It was on the streets of Bangkok, and I was haggling for a souvenir.

It was much more than just trading numbers on a calculator.

Every time she gave me a higher price, she did so with the skill of a master storyteller.

Explaining to me with facial expressions, gestures, hand motions, exactly why she needed that price.

And I did my best to do the opposite.

The conversation lasted twenty minutes.

And it was one of the most memorable I'd ever had.

The second most memorable was a long conversation I had with a drunken Japanese businessman in an okonomiyakiya.

This is a type of egg dish that is cooked on a common grill.

He was sitting a couple seats down.

He spoke to me for about twenty minutes.

But I had no idea what he was saying.

Since he was speaking Japanese, and I hadn't yet learned it.

But I was in a "party-vacation" mood, so I just went it.

I tried to decipher his meaning and feeling by his gestures, facial expressions, pauses, etc.

I knew just enough to throw in a few, "Really, you don't say!" type statements in between his pauses.

Both of these interactions were based zero percent on the words being spoken.

Unfortunately, it's the words that keep us from connecting with others.

The idea if "knowing what to say" is a common excuse.

But in reality, it doesn't matter much.

So long you words aren't too crazy, (May I borrow your liver?) you'll be fine.

In truth, so long as the underlying energy is fine, everything else will be fine.

But as us humans are wont to do, we put the cart before the horse.

We think the energy is an EFFECT of the words, when in reality it is a CAUSE.

With the right energy, you don't even need words.

Without the right energy, no words will work.

How do you build the right energy?

It's very, very easy.

Just get out of your head, and learn to vibe with people.

You can vibe with entire rooms just as easily as you can vibe with individuals.

The cool thing about this is you can practice without ever needing to say anything.

And once you perfect the vibing part, the words will be easy.

Learn How:




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