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There are a lot of metaphors about the nature of humanity.

For example, one is that we are all fractionated holograms of the same consciousness.

Meaning there is one universal consciousness, of which we are all part of, but we are tricked into thinking we are separate.

Meaning we think all the people on planet Earth are all different from us, but each one of us is really part of the same entity.

Perhaps once upon a time this "superconscious mind" decided to break itself apart so it could interact with itself from a different perspective.

Or it could be a biological manifestation of how our mind-body-consciousness comes into being.

We are all separate biological entities, and we have part of us that is the subjective awareness that makes up our consciousness.

One thing Joseph Campbell theorized, since he discovered the mythical structures are consistent from culture to culture, is that from a purely scientific standpoint, there are ONLY two reasons.

Either there was one "original" source from all world myths come from.

Or since we all share the same brain structure and experiences, those same structures created the same structures within mythical stories.

Noam Chomsky has a similar idea about language.

His idea is that there is only one language on Earth.

Only it has tons of local dialects.

After all, each language has nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc.

So whether you believe in the fractionated superconscious mind theory, or that we are actually separate and unique individuals, one thing is certain.

The deep fears, anxieties, desires, that we all share are VERY similar.

Because all those same human condition feelings are present in most world myths.

What the heck does this mean on a day to day basis?

That every single person you come across has WAY more in common with you than you realize.

But this is hard to see when you move through the world with a "please accept me" mindset.

A much easier mindset is the one you had when you were a kid.

A "hey check out this cool thing" mindset.

What cool thing can you share with others, as an adult?

All the similarities you can find between you and whomever you happen to be talking to.

It's much, much easier than most people think.

And it will elicit a much better response from others than most people think is possible.

Learn How:



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