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How do you make an impression on somebody?

There are plenty of theories.

But let's take a step back and see what that means.

There's a time when they don't know you.

Then they interact with you.

Then there's a later time when that interactions is only a memory.

They think of you, and compare you (subconsciously) to all the other people they've interacted with.

This goes for every human that talks to other humans.

Job interviewers, hot girls and guys that are getting hit on all the time, people with money that want to maybe buy something.

What strategies would be BEST for making sure you make a positive impression?

So when they think about you, and their interaction with you, it stands out in their mind as being BETTER than all of their other recent interactions.

One way would be to walk around doing magic tricks, and telling awesome jokes.

Or maybe learning to juggle, or some other complicated party trick.

One way would be to wear a few thousand dollars worth of bling.

Another way would be to get a ton of plastic surgery, spend countless hours in the gym, so you look like a Greek god or goddess.

Or you could do it the easy way.

How's that?

You're the one who gets the ball rolling.

You're the one they find easy to talk to.

You're the one they feel most comfortable with, the most quickly.

You're the one they tell all their desires to.

You're the one who DOESN'T spend tons of time trying to convince them how awesome you are.

You're the one who reminds them how awesome THEY are.

And even helps them discover that they are more awesome than they thought.

This is the kind of people NOBODY forgets.


How do you BECOME this person?

By understanding the structure of human nature.

By understanding the structure of human communication.

By taking the time to build the skills that will serve you for life.

The same skills that will allow you to build better relationships, make more money and radiate much more charisma and personal magnetism.

What skills are these?

The ones you can learn here:


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