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Everything can be improved with practice.

But most people are lazy, so they don't practice.

This is why there will always be ideas of shortcuts and magic tricks.

Especially when it has to do with interpersonal communication.

Making money, creating relationships, sales, giving speeches, few people will be brave enough to acknowledge that these are skills.

And as skills, (like any other skill) they can be improved with practice.

Just like if you spent twenty minutes juggling each day, you would pretty soon be a pretty good juggler.

Same with sports or music.

But when it comes to talking to other people, even the IDEA of practicing is pretty terrifying for most people.

So we are suckers for any thing that sounds like a magic shortcut.

Magic pickup lines that put girls into a hypnotic trance where they will eagerly agree to do anything you want.

Magic closing techniques that will put your customers into a trance so they'll buy anything you're selling.

Magic websites that you can put up with a couple of clicks, and they will make money for you while you sleep.

Funny thing is, is once you get a certain level of skill, it DOES seem like magic.

And those "magic" lines DO work.

Incredibly well.

Anybody that spends any amount of time practicing any kind of communication (sales, seduction, public speaking) will get to that tipping point.

When they can't remember WHY it ever seemed so hard.

When it's something they just DO and it works.

This makes it very easy to ignore the practice part.

And say things like, "Well, sure, it's easy for HIM!"

The idea some people have some inborn skill that others don't.

The truth is that since we are ALIVE, we have the same POTENTIAL as everybody else.

But we won't realize if we don't acknowledge it.

We don't acknowledge it if we think it's something we need to practice.

Because we imagine practicing, and it seems terrifying.

But that's because we are thinking about practicing the WRONG thing.

The trick is to practice the non-verbal part FIRST.

If you ONLY practice the words, while ignoring the non-verbal part, it will be clumsy.

But the non-verbal part (the part that most people don't even recognize) makes up more than 90% of all communication.

This means you can practice the BULK of any communication WITHOUT ever talking to people.

Just walking around crowded areas.

Projecting and reading body language.

This means you can get to the EASY part BEFORE you ever say anything.

And this very much IS magic.

But only because you are focusing on what most people don't acknowledge.

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