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I'm a big fan of Star Trek.

Well, not really a huge fan, and not for all Star Trek.

I like some of the shows, and not others.

Some of the movies, but not others.

In one of the series, they had a woman that was an empath.

But a really strong empath.

She could read very detailed emotions of others.

So whenever bad guys were pretending to be good guys, she would know.

When good guys were trying to negotiate, she would help them.

Of course, they gave this character this power because it's a commonly wished for trait.

The ability to read people's minds.

So you know what to say and what to say.

If you were to take a couple minutes strolling around a club, you would know WHO was into you, and who wasn't.

Or if you were in sales, you could read the minds of your customers and overcome their objections before they said them out loud.

Or if you were in a relationship, and something was bothering your partner, you would know what it was and could help them with it.

The reason we like to fantasize about skills like this is because we are all pretty lazy.

Make no mistake, being lazy is a very powerful trait.

Bill Gates, for example, said he values lazy employees.

Those are the ones who always come up with better and more efficient ways of doing things.

Employees that love to work hard would never make any breakthroughs.

They would assume that everybody else loved to work as hard as them.

Lucky for us, all inventions are made specifically so we can be MORE lazy.

Does this mean we are stuck inside our own heads and can never know what others are thinking?

Not at all.

Quite the opposite, really.

How's that?

For one, EVERYBODY is usually thinking the same thing.

And two, it's actually pretty easy to see which people want to have a chat and which people don't.

After all, NON-VERBAL communication is more than 90%.

The rest is really just sounds that go along with the much more important non verbal energy.

You can learn to pick up and send this non verbal communication.

So when you do start a conversation, with words, it's just a continuation of what's already been going.

The cool part is people will LOVE you.

Because everybody is always hoping somebody else does the initiation.

YOU can be that person.

Learn How:


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