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Can You Do What Others Won't?


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One of the more interesting ideas from economics is the idea of supply and demand.

It's one of those things that everybody "knows" (or thinks they know) since we hear those terms all the time.

But on a very important scale, the supply-demand creates a pricing system that keeps the entire global economy in an equilibrium.

All one needs to know is the price of something, and this will tell them all they need.

But it also one of those things that forces us to accept certain truths.

Truths that tend to destroy any fantasies we like to have about ourselves.

Namely that the more something is in supply, the less valuable it will be.

People that become rich and famous do so because they can do something few other people can do.

Now, exactly how they get to that point is another issue completely.

For most rich and famous people, their lives just happen to click together in a way that allows them to make tons of cash and get tons of fame for just "showing up" and doing whatever they do best.

However, the point remains.

If you want to get something that other people don't get, you'll need to do things other people don't or won't or can't do.

This is true about making money, but it's also true about creating social confidence and charisma.

If you go to any social setting, where people go with the idea that they might meet somebody, EVERYBODY has the same ideas.

"I'd like to meet somebody, but I don't want to approach anybody."

Most people would LOVE to meet somebody interesting.

At the same time, most people are TERRIFIED of approaching anybody.

Therein lies the paradox.

If you want to have a social life that most people only dream of, you'll have to DO THINGS most people can't or won't do.

Namely, YOU have to be the one to get the ball rolling.

Standing there while other people do all the work is EASY.

Everybody can do it.

And based on the laws of supply and demand, if everybody can do it, it's not worth much.

Everybody on Earth can wait around and hope for SOMETHING to happen.

That's easy.

Very FEW people will actually get out there and MAKE something happen.

This takes skills.

Skills take practice.

Most people are too lazy and too scared to do anything other than sit around and wait for somebody else to do the work.

But if you're willing to slowly practice until you develop skills, you can stand out from the crowd.

The more you practice, the more you'll stand out.

The more you stand out, the more of the good stuff you'll get.

Learn How:


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