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X-Ray Candy Strategy


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When I was a kid my mom would sometimes get boxes of Sees candies.

They were like mystery candies.

They all looked round and chocolate.

But some of them had some pretty gross stuff on the inside.

The only way to check was to bite into one.

If it had gross stuff, (like cherry or coconut) you just put it back.

This, of course, wasn't an adult-friendly strategy.

But it's all we had.

I mean, you're not going to NOT check, right?

Even as a kid, knowing you're going to get yelled at, it's STILL worth the risk.

However, as an adult, you can't usually do that.

Bit into things to see what's on the inside.

And put it back if you don't like it.

Imagine doing that at an all you can eat buffet!

It would be kind of funny until they chased you out of there and banished you for life!

Most people approach social situations the same way.

Most people look kind of the same on the outside.

Couple eyes, a nose, a mouth, maybe a couple of boobs.

But you can't really tell what's inside.

The Sees candy strategy would be to go up and talk to them.

If they are sweet and tasty on the inside, you keep talking.

If they have gross stuff on the inside (like coconut or maybe they're a vampire or something) you politely excuse yourself and go try another person.

Only most people are a little too nervous to try that.

Something happens to most normal humans between being a kid and an adult.

We lose our "let's try it and see what happens" attitude.

Maybe because we've all gotten in so much trouble, we are kind of gun shy.

That's pretty much the purpose of formal education.

Training combined with obedience school.

Sit down and shut up, raise your hand to ask permission before speaking, when you DO speak you have to say the RIGHT thing or you'll get yelled at in front of everybody.

Not the type of experience that would make it easy to go and talk to people just to see what's inside.

Of course, you don't have to actually talk to anybody.

If you learn to project and read body language, you can know before hand who's got sweet stuff inside, and who's got gross stuff.

And then when you DO decide to make a move, there are some techniques to do it slowly, carefully and easily.

It would be like picking up a piece of Sees candy, checking the insides WITHOUT leaving any marks.

Kind of like having X-ray vision into their personality.

So there is ZERO risk.

Which means you'll ALWAYS get the good stuff, and none of the gross stuff.

Learn How:



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