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An old rule of copywriting is to "enter the conversation already in their minds."

What does this mean?

Whether you are doing any face to face sales, or writing any sales copy, you want to make it easy on the customer as possible.

In one of the old school copywriting books, the example given was a guy walking up to some strangers on the street.

One strategy would be to interrupt whatever they were saying, and try to sell them some coats.

This is how most people start conversations.

They essentially walk up and say something witty or clever.

This means they FORCE the person to stop thinking about what they were thinking, and start thinking about what the conversation starter WANTS them to think.

From a copywriting standpoint, this is a bad idea.

Instead, the old school copywriting guys recommend you slowly blend in to the EXISTING conversation, and then slowly SHIFT it to where you want.

For example, imagine you were hanging out in a book store.

You were looking at a book on photography.

And as you were looking at a book on photography, you were thinking about photography.

Imagining taking pictures, editing them with Photoshop, maybe framing some good ones.

A nice "daydream" to play out in your mind while you are looking at all the photography books.

Then some guy comes up and introduces himself.

Then he starts talking about his network marketing angle, and you how you can earn an six figure income if you start selling his water filters.

This is a VERY "low probability" strategy.

Without even asking if it's OK, he's pretty much said, "Stop thinking about whatever you are thinking about. What I want you to think about is MORE important!"

This is what happens when you start a conversation with ANYBODY based on any kind of pre-set ideas.

Even witty openers, clever questions, or statements, all are based on this strategy.

To FORCE the other person to STOP thinking about whatever they were thinking about, and START thinking about whatever YOU are thinking about.

This really only works if you are SUPER GORGEOUS.

Since most of us are far from super gorgeous, we need another strategy.

What strategy?

To EASE into a conversation.

To first check and see, through NON-VERBAL communicationbullhornman.png, who is OPEN and who isn't.

Then when you START the conversation, you make it as EASY as possible for them to shift from whatever thinking to a easy to participate in conversation.

You'll KNOW they're open for this due to their non-verbal communication.

The first few questions you ask take very little brainpower on THEIR part, so they'll ENJOY answering them.

The rest is equally easy.

A slippery slope into good feelings, just like the old school copywriters recommend.

Learn How:


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