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The idea of putting the cart before the horse has been around for a long time.

At least as long as carts and horses.

In economics, they call this "pushing on a string."

It's a function of our ancient monkey brain's inability to understand the relationship between cause and effect.

It's common to see two things happening at the same time, and assume one is causing the other.

Or if we see two things happening sequentially, we assume the first thing caused the second.

If you just landed on planet Earth, and you saw a guy riding in a cart behind a horse, it would be easy to make the cart-horse mistake.

The guy in the cart is smarter, so you might imagine the cart is pushing the horse.

So you figure a better way would be to put the cart first.

In economics, it's a lot more complicated.

A bunch of things happen, and the end result is people spend more money.

So the central banks figure if they just print more money, it will make those "other things" happen.

Unfortunately, this logic isn't any better than thinking the cart is pushing the horse.

When humans communicate, we make the same mistake.

We think the words are the most important thing.

But in reality, they are the LAST thing to happen.

And just like economic control freaks, if we ONLY focus on the LAST THING that happened, we'll mess up.

What's more important than words?

The underlying energy.

Rapport or not rapport.

Non-verbal interactions or no non-verbal interactions.

Confidence or anxiety.

With positive energy, the words are not really that important.

But with negative energy, no words will work.

Words are kind of like icing on the cake.

If you put icing on a crappy cake, you'll have a crappy cake with icing.

But if you have a REALLY GOOD cake, you don't need icing.

This is why focusing ONLY on words when practicing communication skills is missing the 90% of communication that is NON VERBAL.

Luckily, that 90% is EASY to practice.

Since it doesn't involve talking to anybody.

It involves walking around and projecting certain body language.

As well as measuring body language.

When you FORGET about the words, you'll start to see INSANE amounts of information.

It's almost like being psychic, and knowing EXACTLY which people would like to talk to you, and which won't.

Once you figure that out, the words are the easiest part.

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