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I've taken a few acting classes in my time.

One of the more interesting ones was an improv class.

But it wasn't like comedy improv.

It was improv to build in the feeling of spontaneity.

Everybody knows that when they go to see a play, the actors are all delivering well-rehearsed lines.

But at the same time, good actors can make us believe it's spontaneous.

This is why we enjoy plays and movies so much.

They feel very, very real.

We quickly lose ourselves and imagine we are right up there with them.

The ancient Greeks came up with the idea of vicariously experiencing emotions.

Emotions like heartbreak, love, loss, pain, death, fear, terror, etc.

Emotions that we enjoy feeling, but don't necessarily want to go through the real life events that cause them.

Kind of like riding on a roller coaster or going zip-lining.

We get to experience the fear and exhilaration of falling, but without the danger.

In that improv acting class we did all kinds of goofy exercises.

All of which involved ZERO talking.

This is what separates good actors from amateurs.

The energy that happens before the words.

Anybody can memorize a bunch of lines.

It's saying those memorized lines with the right non-verbal energy is why A-list actors get paid millions.

It is also what makes talking to others so powerful.

Most people hesitate to start conversations because they don't know what to say.

But it's incredibly easy once you understand that the actual words are irrelevant.

That you don't really need to say anything.

Just open yourself, ask a few questions, and listen.

Most normal humans are DESPERATE for somebody to listen to their story.

Which is precise why few people listen.

Everybody's blathering on about what's so important to them.

Most normal conversations are like idea contests.

But if you turn off your ego, open yourself and listen, you will have a FAR GREATER impact than any goofy story or anecdote or memorized opener.

How do you do that?

First open your non-verbal energy.

Then learn to read the non-verbal energy of others.

With a little bit of practice, you'll know EXACTLY who is dying to talk to you.

Which will eliminate all chance of rejection.

After you re-calibrate your thinking, it will be incredibly easy to start conversations with strangers anywhere you go.

And keep those conversations going as long as you want.

Learn How:



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