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Stranded On The Moon?


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There are a lot of interesting ice breaking exercises.

Mostly for groups, especially classes that are involved in any kind of public speaking.

These ice breaker exercises are meant to get everybody familiar with everybody else.

So when it comes time to get up and talk, it's not so scary.

One of these exercises is choosing five items from a list of ten to take with you to the moon.

Cause if you ever happen to be stranded on the moon, some things are better than others.

(It sucks being unprepared on the moon!)

There's actually a list made by NASA.

Other exercises aren't meant to have any correct answers.

They are more designed to get people talking to each other about their own personal opinions.

This tends to get people feeling more comfortable.

The common thread is that the instructor recognizes that if you just put a bunch of people in a room, and expect them to get up and start talking, it won't go so well.

Before you can practice any public speaking techniques, you have to first get over your anxiety.

It's hard to practice ANYTHING if you are nervous.

So the first couple weeks of any speech class is generally based on group activities just to get people feeling more comfortable.

This is also a fantastic strategy when talking one on one.

Everybody has social anxiety of some level.

Everybody feels MORE comfortable around close friends than they do around strangers.

Strangely, whenever we even think about starting a conversation, we feel the need to present ourselves in a way that we CAN get rejected.

Meaning we feel like if we don't say the right thing, or come up with an interesting opener, the other person will tell us to scram.

But the reality is the exact opposite.

Humans are insanely social creatures.

We LOVE communication with others.

So long as it's safe and comfortable.

This is why we prefer our friends (known) over strangers.

But you can use the speech class ice breaker technique.

Teachers that have been teaching public speaking classes KNOW that if you spend a couple weeks getting everybody comfortable with one another, it will go easier.

So why not apply the same strategy?

Instead of trying to impress the other person, why not focusing on making them feel comfortable?

Whenever you start a conversation with ANYBODY, there are hoping you are friendly and comfortable.

So why not cut to the chase?

How, exactly do you do that?

It's pretty easy.

You can project friendly and comfortable body language BEFORE you open your mouth.

And you can learn to read THEIR body language to make sure THEY are equally friendly and comfortable.

That way, before you even start talking, both of you have already got the ball rolling.

Learn More:


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