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The Cat's Paw Strategy


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I had a friend who had a cat.

Normally, it was pretty easy.

Regular cat doing regular things.

Except when it came time to cut the cats toenails.

Then the cat would go crazy.

So she had to take the cat to a pet shop.

Where a guy was working.

She was always amazed how easily this guy cut her cat's toenails.

Just grabbed the cats paws and cut away.

Cat didn't flinch.

One on level, this is what you'd expect.

A guy that cuts animal toenails for a living knows how to do it.

People that only try once in a while don't.

But on another level, it's kind of mysterious.

After all, the cat owner and the cat live together.

That cat associates its owner with food and safety.

You bring that cat into a pet shop and it's a completely foreign environment.

Think of how horrible it must smell.

Dog smells, other cat smells, parakeet smells.

Yet in that strange and otherwise terrifying environment, the cat just decides the toenail clipper (whom the cat has never experienced before) just knows what he's doing.

So the cat doesn't struggle.

The cat who normally fights when its owner gets near its claws just offers them up to toenail guy.

This is the power of your energy.

Or the potential power.

Toenail guy doesn't need to speak cat.

He doesn't need to bribe the cat, or coax the cat or do anything except just be toenail guy.

The cat INSTANTLY knows somehow that toenail guy is safe.

And powerful at the same time.

Most humans are completely unaware of their own energy, and the energy of those around them.

Just tuning in to the energy of others gives you a TON of information.

But when you can start to purposely radiate your own energy, you will develop an interpersonal power that few know is possible.

Imagine having the toenail guy effect on other people.

An instant recognition and submission to your energy of both power and safety.

This cannot be faked.

But it absolutely CAN be cultivated.

How do you cultivate it?

By doing specific mental exercises, most of which can be done inside your head.

Done consistently, these exercises will slowly transform your energy that will have an immediate and powerful effect on everybdoy around you.

Learn More:



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