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Alien Observation Strategy


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Humans are a lot of things.

If some invisible alien spaceship had been hovering above Earth for that past couple million years, watching our evolution would have been interesting.

There's no clear reason why we (and not somebody else like Koalas or something) eventually took over the Earth.

Even describing "what" we are would be difficult.

Because we do a lot of things.

Individually and collectively.

We invent a bunch of stuff.

We explore, we discover, we build.

Other animals build stuff too, but they keep building the same stuff over and over and over.

We build better and bigger and more complicated stuff.

We also create great works of art that lasts thousands of years.

Great plays, poems, epic sagas of good and evil.

These imaginary invisible aliens might notice that when we "misbehave" they put us in cages.

And the worst of the misbehaviors get stuck in a small cage all on their own.

These aliens might even decide that the absolute WORST punishment for misbehaving is death.

And the second worst is to keep us away from others.

These aliens then might see just dependent we are on each other.

That all of these great works of art, great discoveries and inventions are all the result of teamwork.

Sometimes additive teamwork that is across many generations.

They might notice that other animals tend to pass on information from generation to generation, but only genetically.

We humans are different.

We can pass on ideas from one human to another.

Either in an instant or across great chasms of time.

No other animal can come close to this.

This might lead these aliens to conclude that this trait, of passing information from one human to another is the ONE trait that makes all the others possible.

They might even put all the accomplishments of all the people in some huge alien spreadsheet.

And they would find that the ONE common theme among all great achievers is how well they COMMUNICATE those ideas to others.

And they might actually have something.

You gotta admit, being able to effectively get the ideas out of your head and into others is a pretty necessary skill.

But even more is being able to coax the ideas out of OTHER PEOPLE's heads.

This trait will make you stand out.


Because it is very uncommon.

If you've got some great stories or ideas (or even a collection of funny jokes) in your brain, then you can get away with sharing your ideas with others.

But even if you do, they will be no match for how much the other person likes THEIR OWN ideas.

Which makes OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS the very best conversational topic.

AND the easiest.

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