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Plenty of experiments have demonstrated human hierarchy.

The simplest is when they stick ten people in a room.

Then they drop in an complicated task.

Within minutes, and usually without much discussion, there is a hierarchy.

We humans seem to have a very instinctive way of looking around and quickly, democratically and subconsciously figuring out who's in charge.

This means a lot of things.

One of them is that ninety percent of people, (or more depending on the size of the group) have a "go to" strategy when uncertain about what to do.

And that strategy is to look around for somebody in charge.

Most humans, in most situations, when presented with uncertainty, DO NOT look at the task and think, "Hmm, how should I handle this?"

Instead most humans look around for somebody to TELL THEM what to do.

This comes across different ways in different situations.

In social situations, it comes across as people WANTING to meet new people but HOPING the other person will do the initiating.

Most people would be open to a friendly chat with an interesting stranger.

But VERY FEW people will do the initiating.

There are many ways to respond to this information.

One is to be the one making the approach.

If this is easy, this CAN BE a reasonable strategy.

But it kind of sets a bad precedent.

Meaning if a friendship or other relationship is formed, YOU (since you did the approaching) are the leader.

For many people, this is fine.

But there is another way.

Humans tend to look for leaders because we are nervous and don't like uncertainty.

But what if there was a way to REMOVE their nervousness and uncertainty AT A DISTANCE?

See, in those experiments, where they put people in rooms, there's another part.

They take a bunch of rooms and do the same thing.

Each room has a leader.

But then they put each leader in a room, and the SAME THING happens.

Ninety percent of leaders become followers.

Which means very FEW people are consistently leaders.

Which means even leaders have the "go to" response of looking around and seeing if there's anybody in charge.

Only when they find out that people are looking at them, do they become leaders by default.

Since in other situations, they are JUST AS WILLING to become followers.

This means there's a missing ingredient.

That missing ingredient that can remove fear and anxiety at a distance.

To make it natural and easy for others to approach you.

Without assuming any kind of leadership.

This is the power of presence.

To be absolutely congruent in mind.

To radiate calmness and certainty.

This is extremely rare, but it can be built with practice.

Specific practice that must be done consistently, but privately.

And just like any skill, the longer you practice, the stronger it becomes.

Learn How:


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