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How To Control Your Energy


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There are some very esoteric techniques that allegedly can make one invisible.

Of course, these can equally be argued to be metaphorical.

We can imagine how that might be possible.

If you were capable of adjusting your energy, the sounds you made when you moved, it could be possible to walk through a room so that nobody would notice you.

This seems to be a weird thing to think about, but it's a useful exercise.

Now, why would you want to do something like that?

Who knows, maybe you want a job in commercial espionage or something.

But suppose you could adjust your "energy" so that even if people looked at you, they wouldn't remember you.

Not that you would have any impact on their minds or anything.

But they would see you walking, but put ZERO meaning on you as an individual.

Zero threat, zero desire, zero reasons to spend any amount of brainpower.

Many people sort of do this naturally.

Some people just don't want to be noticed.

So while others will physically see them, they forget them soon after.

Why is it useful thinking about stuff like this?

It's like a woman who came to see Milton Erickson.

"I can't control my weight," she said.

"I don't believe you," Dr. Erickson said. 

"And I can prove your wrong," he added.

"What? How?" the woman asked.

"You're homework," he said, "is to gain ten pounds."

She was a little shocked, but went ahead.

Next time he told her that this was PROOF that she COULD control her weight.

She just needed to do it in the other direction.

Which she did, since he'd loosened up her idea about her skills.

Humans ALREADY have the ability to shift our energy all over the place.

It's just something we do unconsciously.

So when you want to project positive, safe, friendly, attractive energy, it's a matter of doing something you do naturally.

EVERYBODY projects positive, friendly, natural, attractive energy when they are around friends and in a good mood.

All you need to do is reverse engineer the process so you can project that energy at will, whenever you want.

Which means you can FEEL relaxed, natural, attractive, friendly ANYWHERE you want.

With a lot of other positive traits as well.

Anywhere and whomever you happen to be around.

Learn How:


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