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Mickey Mouse Charisma


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Once upon a time a guy killed his wife.

This was a famous story all over the news about 15 years or so ago.

One of the reasons was that he planned it all out.

He had her killed, discovered the body, and went on TV pleading for the criminal to be caught.

At first, everybody believed it.

But then the guy disappeared.

And the more they dug, the more they suspected him.

He had bought a large insurance policy, and by the time they'd found him, he'd totally changed his appearance.

But the guy was no dummy.

He only ran away because he got spooked by all the media attention.

But as far as evidence, there was none.

He was finally convicted due to a confession.

And the way he slipped during the confession was by using the wrong verb tense.

That led to more slips, and eventually he was convicted.

Which means one might intellectually plan the perfect crime, as far as not leaving any tangible evidence.

But withstanding the massive pressure of an interrogation, and all the social attention via the media is something else entirely.

But one thing struck me as very odd during the entire process.

He was never described by any media as anything that sounded like "charismatic."

Quite the opposite.

He put on a show of being emotionally distressed.

And once they had enough pressure on him, he cracked like an egg.

But when he walked into his trial, one female juror had the response of saying he was very charismatic.

And I wondered, why was SHE the ONLY person who saw him as charismatic?

I believe that she had built up a huge idea of him in her mind.

Then when SHE finally saw him, she interpreted him as being charismatic.

Kind of like when little kids go to Disneyland the first time.

They have this huge image of Mickey Mouse.

Then when they see him, it's like seeing some magical cartoon character.

But it's just a guy in a suit.

And suits can't radiate charisma. They are heavy and cumbersome so the gestures and movements on the person INSIDE the suit don't really go through.

So the charisma seen in Mickey, AND the charisma seen in the killer are made up beforehand in the mind of the observer.

This type of charisma is VERY DIFFICULT to create.

The opposite kind, the kind that comes from inside YOU, is much easier.

And it's MUCH more powerful.

You can walk up and say hey, and the person can have ZERO idea who you are, yet still be blown away by your presence.

That word, "presence," gives us big clue what it really is.

Zero stray thoughts or ideas in your mind.

All that fills your mind is the person before you.

When somebody with THAT kind of power looks at anybody, whoever is on the receiving end will be stunned. 



How do you GET this kind of presence?

Like This:


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