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The idea of a "cat" or "dog" test is pretty common.

Many guys visit a girls house for the first time.

If her cat is friendly to him, that's a good sign.

This is a generally accepted idea since we believe that animals can sense things that we humans can't.

If a person is giving off sketchy energy, for example, other humans might not notice it, but dogs would be nervous around that person.

The truth is that we have a lot more data available to us that we think.

We just don't notice most of it.

Since we all have a mix of desires and anxieties, we are all radiating conflicting information.

A simple example is a guy looking across the room at a pretty lady.

Even if they exchange friendly eye contact, most normal guys would be nervous even THINKING about approaching.

This sends out conflicting messages.

One of them is "I want you."

The other is "I'm afraid of what might happen if I come over and talk to you."

The other person is thinking the exact same mix of thoughts.

"I want you to come over," combined with "I'm worried what might happen if you do."

This is why the dating scene is so nerve racking.

Everybody involved is both sending and receiving tons of mixed messages.

But all it really takes is ONE person to project pure energy.

The closer two humans get together, the more their "energy" is based on interactivity and interdependency.

So if only ONE person is calm and relaxed, both will tend to be calm and relaxed.

One way to become calm and relaxed is to spend tons of time interacting socially.

To build up a HUGE experience that nothing bad ever happens.

For example, if you've successfully started tens of thousands successful conversations, you would have very little fear when starting conversations.

Your memory would prove that social situations are much more good than bad.

But most people have neither the time nor patience to go out and talk to tens of thousands of people just to build up that experience-memory.

There is, however a much better way.

Instead of building in memories from experience, you just train your mind to ONLY focus on what you want to focus on.

This kind of training can be done at home, watching TV, sitting in the park, pretty much anywhere.

Not only is it a lot quicker, it's a lot more efficient.

Learning by experience is like trying to increase muscle strength through normal daily activity.

Imagine if a boxer ONLY trained while actually boxing. Nothing else.

That would take forever.

But with some concentrated exercises, he could build muscle strength and endurance in a hurry.

The same goes with mental strength.

You can build mental strength through daily living.

Or you can build mental strength a lot faster through concentrated mental exercises. 

Giving you a huge advantage in a very short amount of time.

Learn How:



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