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The Heisenberg Social Pattern


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I've always been fascinated with the stock market.

Even when I was a kid.

The concept is fascinating.

A ton of disconnected people, buying and selling.

But always represented in charts and graphs and lines and moving averages.

It's very easy to forget the emotional component.

Both that the lines represent, and what the lines evoke.

Just looking at any basic stock chart that has a few trend lines, it almost looks like child's play.

Just buy here, when this line crosses this line, sell, and when they cross back, buy again, and on and on.

But as soon as you put your money on the line, everything changes.

This is the power of human emotions.

Another reason they're so fascinating is the feedback loops.

For example, moving averages can be seen as support or resistance.

If a stock is above it's 50 day moving average, for example, and it goes down and touches it briefly, this is almost a universally accepted buy signal.

This is where the "buy the dip" idea comes from.

But this is also one of those chicken and egg questions.

Does everybody "buy the dip" BECAUSE they know the stock will rebound?

Or does the stock rebound BECAUSE everybody "buys the dip?"

Do the people watching the markets try and "catch" the moves?

Or do those moves happen because everybody is getting in and out and trying to catch the right moves?

It's kind of like Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty.

Simply by participating in the system, you change the system.

Which means the system that you WATCH is different than the system you are IN.

Human nature is very much like this.

We see a person across the room, and are attracted to them.

Then we go and talk to them.

But once we are in a conversation with them, the are no longer "separate" from us.

Their presence when they are hanging out with their friends is DIFFERENT than their presence when they are talking to us.

Most people have a lot of interactive effects like this on others.

You could be totally confident and outgoing while talking to your friends.

Then a drop dead gorgeous person comes up and asks you a simple question.

And you suddenly can't speak to save your life!

Depending on how "strong" your presence is, you'll either be influenced by others, or you will influence others.

The stronger it is, the more people YOU will influence.

Most people feel comfortable around some people, and not comfortable around others.

But with a STRONG enough presence, you will feel comfortable around EVERYBODY.

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