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One of the strangest figures from history is Rasputin.

He was allegedly some guy who lived in the forest.

But then he got himself connected to the Royal family at the time.

This was around the time of the communist revolution.

Whether he was a good guy or a bad guy is up for debate.

But what is generally accepted was he had a very STRONG presence.

He had to in order to get so close to the Romanov family.

It would be like some guy wandering out of the forest and suddenly becoming the best friend of the family to the King of England.

It's one thing to have plenty of social power and authority.

Kings usually try to marry off their sons and daughters to sons of daughters of other nobility.

Kings don't normally even talk to normal people unless they have some accepted rank.

But Rasputin was a monk who allegedly lived in the forest.

Surrounded by forest ladies who were always swooning for him.

He was the opposite of nobility.

So opposite that he eventually was assassinated by other nobles and higher-ups who didn't like his closeness to the royal family.

There are a few people from history like that.

Unfortunately, most of them are usually bad guys.

Guys like Charles Manson who convinced teenage ladies to kill for him.

It's kind of easy to understand how that would happen.

If you were BORN with a massive amount of charisma and presence.

You would kind of be seen as an outcast, since you had no need for the regular way of doing things.

And your whole life, people around you would just do whatever you asked.

It's easy to see this power turning one into a criminal master mind.

On the other hand, what would happen if you could BUILD this kind of power?

Slowly and consciously, so it wouldn't go to your head?

And in a way so you could combine it with business, sales, public speaking, etc.?

Sure, it might be cool to start your own forest cult.

But it would also be cool to just make tons of money and live like a modern wizard.

This is the cool thing about social skills and personal "energy."

It's just as trainable as muscle related skills.

If you practice juggling long enough, you'll have some impressive juggling skills.

If you practice presence long enough, you'll have Rasputin levels of personal magnetism.

How do you practice?

With This:


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