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The Genius Of Flexibility


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One of the reasons for human dominance on Earth is flexibility.

The first time this showed up was when there was a split among gender roles.

This was WAY back before this became an issue.

Before humans could even talk.

For every other animal, except us humans, the males and females each get the same kind of food.

Male and female sharks both eat fish.

Male and female rabbits eat carrots.

Male and female monkeys eat bananas.

But for some reason, male pre-humans started hunting. And female pre-humans started gathering.

At the same time.

This allowed them to live in twice as many places.

And because they lived in plenty of different places, this "flexibility" became a very important trait.

And it evolved in a lot of different ways.

Some simple ways.

Some in very strange and hard to describe ways.

One of them is the idea of form following function and function following form.

Both work.

Meaning if you are happy, you will smile.

But if you force yourself to smile, maybe even whistle a happy tune, you will BECOME happy.

Imagine if we had to wait around for something OUTSIDE of us to make us happy?

We can either fake it till we make it.

We can conjure up some happy memories.

Or we can laugh at a goofy joke.

We are very flexible in how we can CREATE our emotions.

At least we are CAPABLE of how we can be flexible.

Kind of a flexible way of being flexible.

Another way of form following function or function following form is how we perceive charisma in others.

This can EASILY be faked, as has been done plenty of times.

One way is to take a normal, non-charismatic, non-famous goof and pretend to be famous.

Get a bunch of people to follow them around.

Act like the guy is famous.

And pretty soon, everybody will THINK he's famous.

And since they all THINK he's famous, they'll FEEL those "famous feelings."

They'll describe him as being charismatic, magnetic, etc.

They'll describe what it's like to BE in his presence.

Even though it's all pretend.

Suppose you see a famous guy walk into a nightclub.

Only you have no clue who he is.

But everybody is staring at him like he's Jesus.

Then imagine he comes and talks to you for some reason.

How would you feel?

Talking to somebody that you DIDN'T know, but was being treated like Jesus by everybody?

No doubt, that would feel pretty cool.

Luckily, there are TONS of ways to create this presence.

To project an energy so people treat YOU like a famous person.

And just like form following function or function following form, it works both ways.

You can build it from the inside, and people will FEEL IT wherever you go.

Learn How:



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