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Why They'll Approach You


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One of the most common fears is the fear of rejection.

When you think about learning skills, we can put them into two categories.

Those that involve other people, and those that don't.

Those that DON'T involve other people are things you do on your own.

Learning software, instruments, playing sports.

Sports sort of involves other people, but it doesn't invoke the fear of rejection.

Even in one-on-one sports like boxing and martial arts since they are performance based and not choice based.

Meaning each person does their best, and whoever performs the best wins.

On the other hand, any skill that involves talking to others, and giving them the choice to accept or reject your idea, this can create MASSIVE anxiety.

Anything involving sales, or public speaking, or seduction.

These cause so much anxiety that we don't tend to think of them as skills.

We think of them of things we can do, or things we can't do.

Thinking about practicing martial arts, for example, doesn't create the same anxiety.

Even if you were making a decision to get a certain rank that would take a few years, the decision would involve some "unpleasant" ideas.

It wouldn't be an easy decision.

It would take a lot of dedication, practice, exercise, and specifically NOT doing enjoyable things like eating Big Macs and watching TV all day.

But it wouldn't be scary.

On the other hand, if you imagined practicing every day for an HOUR on social skills, that would be VERY DIFFICULT to even think about.

The idea of going out, for ONE HOUR each and every day, just talking to strangers, for the sole purpose of improving your social skills.

Since even the IDEA of doing that creates anxiety in so many people, most people don't put social skills into the "practicable skills" section of their brain.

It goes in the binary, "I can do this" or "I can't do this" section of their brain.

Ask somebody who trains regularly what their hobbies are.

They'll say something like, "I practice martial arts twice a week, and a practice the piano on weekends."

NOBODY would say something like, "Well, I practice talking to strangers twice a week."

That just sounds silly!

What does this mean?

This means that EVERYBODY you see out in public has these SAME fears.

Everybody likes the idea of talking to interesting people.

But everybody is also terrified of going first.

Now, one idea is to simply start approaching people, knowing they are just as nervous as everybody else.

But there is a MUCH easier way.

And that is to re-calibrate your energy so you become extremely APPROACHABLE.

That you radiate energy that DISSOLVES everybody's fear around you.

So they see YOU as different from everybody else.

Somebody who is very EASY to approach.

Even better this is something you can practice all on your own.

Learn How:



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