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How To Control Subconscious Energy


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Human language is a paradox.

Not the thing itself, but how we think about it.

If you wanted to walk across the bar and talk to somebody, you would worry considerably about what, specifically, to say.

You might want to have a emotionally difficult discussion with a loved one but can't find the words.

When you're having a conversation and both parties suddenly go quiet, this can become very uncomfortable.

Both people want to say something, but both people can't think of anything, and the more this goes on, the worse it gets.

We humans put a HUGE amount of emphasis on the words we say.

At the same time, spoken language has only been around for a brief blip in our history.

We lived together as "pre-humans" LONG before we invented language.

Even academic studies show that words make up LESS than 10% of all communication.

If words are only a recent invention, and words don't make up that much communication anyway, WHY do they seem so important?

As far as communication goes, the words are the tip of the iceberg.

Consider that words are an EFFECT of our inner state.

That if we are calm, and relaxed, OUR inner state will resonate with THEIR inner state.

And the words don't matter that much.

Whatever YOU say and whatever THEY say is pretty much irrelevant.

It's the deeper energy that's so important.

Think about a few times you were hanging out with close friends.

Does it really matter WHAT you talked about?

So what happens during those uncomfortable silences?

Consider they are RESULT of both of you having nervous energy.

If you plan a lot of things to say, that can COVER UP that nervous energy.

But once you run out, all is left is the energy.

Have you ever been around somebody when NOBODY needed to talk?

And it felt perfectly fine?

THAT is what happens when your underlying energy is stable.



Can you reproduce that state?

Yes, actually, you can.

But understanding what it is, and how to practice it.

And like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get.

Once you can turn on that POWERFUL deeper energy AT WILL, it will have a positive impact on everybody around you.

Learn How:


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