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Does Your Group Support You?


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One of the biggest myths about us humans is the idea of free will.

Not in that we're trapped inside a matrix or anything.

But many of our choices are not NEARLY as independent as we think they are.

Plenty of experiments verify this.

The Milgram experiment (repeated many times) show that most of us (about 70%) will do ANYTHING so long as a guy in charge says so.

The Asch experiment shows that when we are in a group, it is very HARD to think DIFFERENTLY than the group.

Tons of marketing studies sales page show that we do things many times ONLY because we do things.

And once we've been in a group for a long enough, all three of these are in high gear.

Authority, the guy in charge.

Social proof, all the other folks in the group.

Commitment and Consistency, us doing the same thing because it's familiar.

What's worse, is very few of these groups are anything LIKE death cults.

In fact, most of them are very spontaneous and organic.

Which means they kind of drift along.

So, here's the hard questions.

What is the probability that you'll be in one of these groups, that's just drifting along, and have the group's outcome be the SAME as YOUR outcome?

Now, many people think, "Yeah, but I don't belong to any groups or cults or anything, so this doesn't apply to me..."

Many groups that we "belong to" don't exist, at least in the traditional way.

We don't show up to meetings, or carry around a membership card.

But we ALL belong to PLENTY of social groups.

And these social groups ALL have certain "authority figures" they recognize.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and smells like a duck, guess what?

It's a duck!

(Wait, so now you're saying in some kind of duck cult???)

All humans self organize into groups.

All humans recognize authority.

All humans do what we've always done.

This means it is VERY HARD to choose your own goals and plans SEPARATE from any group.

Whether you recognize it or not.

How do you do this?

Spend some time ALONE.

Force yourself to temporarily forget about your friends.

Forget about the "experts" that you follow.

Ask yourself some HARD questions.

Like what you want out of life.

How you might get there.

How close your current path resembles an IDEAL path.

This is the thing about social groups and authorities and past behaviors.

It's VERY EASY to drift along and not get anything.

But at the same time, you choose your goals FIRST, and then everything else (authority, social proof, etc) LATER, you'll have a MUCH BETTER CHANCE of getting there.

After all, no human can survive alone.

We NEED a group, a leader, and some behaviors to reference.

Luckily, you can BUILD YOUR OWN from scratch.

Learn How:


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