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The Relentless Flow Into History


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If you read any copywriting book they'll go over the idea of a slippery slope.

The purpose of the headline is to get you to read the sub headline.

Which has the purpose of getting you to read the next part.

If you watch any video sales letter, it follows the same form.

A common video sales letter structure is to create a "hook" and then hold off on delivering.

For example:

"Let me tell you about a great new technique that allows you to turn sand into gold. But first, let me tell you a little about myself... It all started when I fell asleep at the library..."

And you have to watch the whole 10 minute video (that doesn't seem to have a fast forward control) to find the secret of turning sand into gold.

TV shows are written like this as well.

On many streaming services, they have a category called "Binge-able TV shows."

Funny how whatever activity follows "binge" tends to be not so healthy.

Binge eating.

Binge drinking.

Binge shopping.

Binge watching.

Lots of slippery slopes are purposely created.

To make it easy for us to spend money.

Others are wholly of our own doing.

One of the powerful laws of influence is "commitment and consistency."

We keep doing what worked before.

We eat the same type of food, shop at the same stores, and use the same brands.

All else equal, we'd much rather do what's comfortable than take a risk on something new.

When you combine this (commitment and consistency) with two other laws of influence, the slippery slope becomes inescapable.

What other two laws?

Social proof and authority.

We join ANY group, for any reason.

So long as the authority is compelling, the social proof is compelling, the longer we stay in, the harder it is to pull out.

Most of the time the only thing we risk losing is time, and maybe a little money.

However, consider your TIME is your most precious resource.

It is the ONLY thing you can't get back.

Money, friends, a job, even another place to live.

Those are replaceable.

But once TIME is gone, it's gone.

Even the old idea about buying real estate (because they aren't making more land!) might eventually be obsolete.

Imagine what a successful Mars colony would do to real estate prices on Earth!

Time, on the other hand, will always flow relentlessly into the past.

And because those three laws, when combined together, can feel SO comfortable, you might not realize something's wrong until you're at the end of your life.

And you're wondering what happened with all your time.

Consider forcing your mind into objective, meta mode, and question everything.

One simple question you can ask, at the end of EVERY DAY might be this:

Suppose I spent EVERY DAY for the rest of my life like I spent TODAY, what would my life add up to?

If you don't like the answer, consider making changes.

Learn How:


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