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Most people love the idea of being famous.

But this is usually on a subconscious level.

Many people have the experience of not thinking they are hungry.

Then maybe they happen across some food.

Maybe at a party, or somebody brought some snacks to work.

As soon as you take a bite, you realize how hungry you are.

Hunger is a two-stage instinct.

We always think about food, since it's the only thing keeping us alive.

But the second stage is just as important.

Way back in the day, since food was so hard to get, we had to store excess energy whenever we had a chance.

Of course, nobody ever thought, "Gee, I might not eat for a couple days so I'd better eat as much as I can!"

We just have a strong and nearly impossible-to-resist desire to eat as much as we can, WHENEVER there is food in front of us.

This is why it is EXTREMELY hard for most people to consciously stop eating when they COULD eat more.

This is how many instincts work.

Similarly, you could be walking down the street, with SEX being the furthest thing from your mind.

But then you see a HOT person who smiles at you.

Now SEX is all you can think of.

And since most of us AREN'T famous, we think we don't want to be famous.

But it works just like food and sex.

If you've ever done enough public speaking to get over the nervousness, it is a FANTASTIC feeling.

Standing up in front of people who are all eagerly watching and listening.

In many ways, THIS instinct is much stronger than food and sex.

Because the more FAMOUS you are, the easier food and sex is easy to get.

Of course, our instincts for food has been translated into money.

Because when our instincts were calibrated, it was LONG BEFORE money had been invented.

From a purely, biological instinctive level, there are two kinds of social status.

Beneath a certain, level money and sex have to be pursued INDIVIDUALLY.

Above a certain level, money and sex are a RESULT.

Now, just like we don't consciously choose to eat so we can save up extra energy, nobody actually thinks, "I want to get famous so I have get lots of money and easy sex!"

(Well, some people do, lol...)

It just happens that people that had the GENE that motivated them to get social status of ANY kind ended up having the most kids.

One way to look at it is that there are only TWO kinds of people in this world.

Leaders, and followers.

A WHOLE BUNCH of one kind, and VERY FEW of the other.

Which one do YOU want to be?

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