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Music is a fascinating subject.

On one hand, you can describe it with an extreme amount of specificity.

Chords, notes, progressions all have mathematically defined components.

All music is based on the idea of standing waves.

You have two kids with a jump rope, and they can ONLY create certain wave lengths.

One wave equal to the length of the rope.

Two halves of that same wave, etc.

The length of the string (piano, violin) determines the sound when you pluck it.

The size of the resonance chamber (trumpet, trombone, etc) determines the sound that comes out.

The size and tension of a drum creates the pitch of sound.

Certain music creates certain feelings.

Major chord progressions create happy feelings.

Minor chord progressions create sad feelings.

Not just in some people, in all people.

But emotions are impossible to define.

The best writers are the best writers because they can describe emotions in great detail.

But even then, they don't describe them directly.

They use tons of metaphors to help.

And even then, they write and rewrite those same passages over and over.

(Hemingway once said it's best to write drunk and edit sober).

Most of us, though, are HOPELESS when it comes to describing our emotions.

Yet these mathematically precise sound waves can repeatedly create these extremely undefinable emotions within us.

And when we are "resonating" certain emotions within us, we can resonate with each other.

This is what happens when two people are on the same "frequency."

When you go on a blind date, thinking maybe it might last an hour, but you end up talking until dawn.

Same wavelength, resonating with one another, on the same page, clicking.

These are all descriptions of harmonic resonance.

You can find it everywhere.

In people, on swing sets in the park, in cuckoo clocks, within any system.

But like anything else in science, it can be good, or it can be bad.

Harmonic resonance between two people "clicking" is perhaps the best feeling humans can experience.

Especially if it happens AFTER sex.

When you lay in bed talking for hours.

But it can also be the WORST thing to happen.

When large crowds start to resonate, they can burn down cities.

Once it starts, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to stop.

Most people don't even think about this stuff.

They just like of go with the flow.

When it's good, it's good.

When it's bad, oh well.

Understanding these social structures can be invaluable.

You can consciously create good experiences, and keep our of bad experiences.

This requires "going meta" so you can slowly build the BEST social resonance experiences.

And step back when they start to get ugly.

When you can consciously choose your social resonance, so that it resonates with your OWN goals, life can become magic.

Learn How:


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