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Turn Off Your Megaphone


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A very common idea is the idea of the "should."

This is usually used when talking about other people.

Specifically when those "other people" are not "behaving" the way we think they "should."

This happens whenever we say or think, "People should..." or "People shouldn't..."

This is a very common and comforting thought.

It actually makes us feel powerful.

Especially if we surround ourselves with people that all share the same ideas about what those "other people" should or shouldn't be doing.

If we get enough people, and our ideas about what other people should or shouldn't be doing, we might even start to believe it.

Believe what?

That we have some RIGHT to FORCE our will on other people.

Even that feels good.

To be able to be in a position of control.

Where you speak, and other people do what you say.

But here's the thing.

Have you ever tried to go on a diet, and failed?

Have you ever set a goal, and didn't achieve it?

Have you ever made a new year's resolution, and gave up after a couple of weeks?

Yeah, me too.

That's the thing.

We silly humans have a hard time controlling our OWN behavior.

Yet we think we have the right to tell other people what they SHOULD do.

We actually think it's possible for US, if we get a group large enough, to CONTROL the behavior of others.

Yet we have hard time controlling our own behavior.

Here's the real paradox.

If you FORGET about other people, let them do whatever silly things they want to do, and focus on YOUR OWN behavior, what do you think will happen?

You'll start to be able to have more control over your own life.

And when you start to control your own life, and IGNORE what others are doing, those others will start to FOLLOW YOU.

This is essentially what a LEADER does.

They go FIRST.

And others follow naturally and subconsciously.

Because the WANT to.

They are COMPELLED to.

If you get up on your soapbox and scream through your megaphone, they'll not only ignore you, but you'll have a lot of competition.

See, telling others what they SHOULD do is easy.

And since it's easy, EVERBODY does it.

If you drop the megaphone, and go after YOUR life, they will wonder what's up.

"Hey! Where's that guy going? Let's follow him and see what's up!"

This is very easy, and very simple.

But first you have to LET GO of how good it feels to tell others what they should be doing.

And paradoxically, this will give you ALL the power.

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