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The Bottom Of The Ocean


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Once upon a time there was a guy on a ship.

He was the type who rarely took vacations.

It took him a while to build up the courage to go on a cruise.

So one day, he was standing on the deck, enjoying the sunshine, when a storm hit.

It came fast and deadly.

The skies were dark, the thunder was loud, the rain was heavy and the boat was rocking.

Dude was terrified.

People were slipping off the deck left and right.

So he grabbed onto the nearest thing he could.

The anchor.

For several hours, he gripped the anchor as tightly as he could.

It saved his life.

But when the skies cleared and the seas calmed, he was beyond sane.

He'd been so petrified, since the anchor was his salvation, he was TERRIFIED to let go.

So when the captain dropped the anchor, he went down with it.

Even as his ears popped and he sank deeper and deeper, he consciously knew he should let go.

But his instincts wouldn't let him.

And he died.

Moral of the story?

It can be applied to anything.

What worked once won't always work.

Strategies we learned as kids don't work as adults.

For example, if you were in the middle of a job interview, and you started bawling your eyes out hoping it would get you what you wanted, it wouldn't work.

But other strategies are much older.

Survival instincts that saved us tens of thousands of years ago may kill us today.

Hunger is one example.

It used to be a good idea to eat as much as we could, whenever we could.

Now it's not such an effective strategy.

And just like anchor-guy, even though we consciously KNOW what to do, our instincts make us do different.

We've got many instincts besides hunger that mess us up.

Plenty of social instincts.

Following authority.

Following crowds.

These are much subtler.

Much harder to notice.

What's worse is most of the time, they won't kill us.

We won't end up at the bottom of the ocean.

But we will end up at the end our lives wondering what happened.

Social proof and authority won't lead us to our deaths.

But they WILL lead us to NOWEHRE if we aren't careful.

Most people choose social proof and authority FIRST, and then let the direction and destination take care of itself.

The secret is to FIRST choose your destination, and THEN choose the appropriate social proof and authority to help you get there.

Then you'll get the BEST of both worlds.

Learn How:


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