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I'd love to see a video that does program for natural seduction mastery. Meaning just by being there and having normal conversations, things naturally lead to seduction and being desired by an attractive member of the opposite sex (i.e. beautiful women).

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Why not (if you want to!) include in that something about attracting beautiful horny women who WANT to get laid right there and then and that is their intention (as part of it) that they are consciously looking for someone to have sex with.  

As well as the rest of it.


I mean it's like if I want to attract romance, its to my advantage to attract guys who ARE romantic and want that rather than try to make a guy who only wants sex to want romance too.  Do you think....but then on the other hand it feels great when you influence, yes I know.  Like if you see a woman you like and manage to seduce her, sure....it's nice to also feel you can get any woman you want!.....so I can see both sides but I just wondered about that.  


I have the opposite thing I need to attract LESS horny men LOL.  

I'm saying this cos I know there is this misconception that women only want romance and guys only want sex and it's not true it does depend and I also think timing comes into it.  So maybe get that included in the video?

That "you are naturally seductive and also that beautiful horny women who love and want sex with you find their way to you quickly and easily and love to listen to what you have to say (and to have sex with you, too!)"  (and include that the sex is fantastic!) 


I don't know if that feels helpful or unhelpful so I am shutting up now!  Argh I changed my mind, thought butt out, Athena and tried to delete my reply and I cant figure out HOW, sorry about that Max!  :wacko:  :blink:

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Hmmmm, well, I think you're complicating things a bit too much here ladies. This stuff will always only work with people who are subconsciously responsive to that. What I'm trying to get across to my subconscious mind is the outcome that I want. And it will take care of it automatically. It's less about manipulating others. It's more about influencing myself if that makes sense.

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