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Reverse Engineered Social Proof


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Most of the time our brains work as repeaters.

We soak up ideas from others, and then pass them right along.

Way back in the days of dangerous living, Mother Nature decided that a fast and inaccurate brain was much better than a slow and accurate brain.

So we developed a LOT of short cuts in thinking.

Our brains are VERY expensive organs.

Independent thinking is VERY difficult.

Two of the most powerful short cuts in thinking are social proof and authority.

Most people are perfectly OK so long as they are in a group of like minded people who are being directed by a recognized authority.

But it gets kind of fuzzy when we start to consider the ideas in our heads.

If we have a question, we ask our friends.

"Is this right?" we ask.

Since we all have the same ideas in our brains, all given to us from the same authority figure, everybody says the same thing.

"Yeah, this is right," they say.

Normally, this is perfectly fine.

But then again, most folks are comfortable doing the SAME things every day for their entire lives.

It's been said that MOST of us live lives of "quiet desperation."

Meaning we ALWAYS have a collection of unmet needs, anxieties, and stuff we WANT but can't get.

The problem comes when we realize that actually doing something DIFFERENT requires breaking from the pack.

Of thinking and acting differently from our social reference group.

So most of us THINK about it, but don't do it.

We are QUIET, since we are afraid of breaking from the pack.

We are DESPERATE because we want things our current lives are producing.

Most folks will live their ENTIRE LIVES in this state.

Too scared to leave the pack, and the comfortable suggestions of authority figures.

But wishing we could get MORE than being a mindless member can provide.

Here's the thing. 

If getting stuff ABOVE AVERAGE were easy, everybody would do it.

There is, however, a clever shortcut.

A way to slowly re-build our social proof and authority.

Kind of like slowly replacing a diet of fast food with healthy food.

You don't switch at once.

You take your time to find replacement food that is HEALTHY, but also tastes pretty good.

This takes time, but it's VERY POSSIBLE.

We can slowly and consciously replace both our social reference group and the authorities we follow.

Not based on the comfort, but the results.

Just like we can reverse engineer our food, we can reverse engineer our social instincts.

Getting us MUCH BETTER results without having to go without the positive aspects of social proof and authority.

Learn More:


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