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A common selling point for any money making system is "autopilot."

We instinctively like any system that doesn't require much thought.

Other marketing labels that indicate "no thinking required" is plug-n-play, turnkey business, etc.

Even folks that are going to set up a physical shop and sell physical stuff are tantalized by the word, "turnkey."

The idea being that you pay the money, you get the key, and that's all you need.

Put the key in the lock, open the door and POOF! 

Customers show up out of nowhere and starting buying whatever you've got.

Another things that humans do VERY WELL is ignore plenty of data.

We necessarily only pay attention to a small fraction of what's going on.

Otherwise we'd go insane.

We've all got TONS of biases.

Cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, normalcy bias, FOMO, and plenty of others.

These tend to drive our behaviors much more than we know.

One of the biggest success stories in the franchise world is the first few people who started their own McDonalds back in the day.

This was the first time the franchise model was put to the test.

The biggest success stories were young couples that had ZERO business experience.

This is often used as a standard marketing story, to entice others to buy franchises.

What's usually not mentioned is that while this young, no-business-experience couple DID end up making millions, they worked hard.


Twelve hour days, seven days a week.


This is what's often not stated in this "auto pilot," turnkey, "business in a box" type marketing plans.

The very harsh truth of life is if you ONLY DO what everybody else does, you ONLY GET what everybody else gets.

What's even more difficult is so long as we are going along with the group, it FEELS normal.

The problem is our instincts are kind of flipped.

Just like hunger.

Back when hunger was calibrated, it DROVE us to find food.

Now, if we OBEY our hunger instinct, it's very dangerous.

Similarly, the "Go with the crowd" instinct USED to be a motivation tool.

To drive the ENTIRE GROUP to success.

Today it does the opposite.

If you play it safe, go with the group, you end up not getting ANYTHING.

Often times the trick is to do the OPPOSITE of what the group is doing.

But this is difficult.

It is extremely difficult to go it alone.

But if you first choose what you want, and THEN choose the right group, you can get the best of both worlds.

If you do that, going with the group will get you CLOSER to what you want.

The trick is to shop around and BUILD your own social reference group.

Most people do it backwards. 

They FIRST choose a group and then just accept whatever the group wants.

If you do it the other way, life is MUCH EASIER.

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