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Whose Thoughts Are In Your Head?


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At the same time, our brains are our best and worst asset.

They are our best when we can solve problems and come up with creative solutions.

One of the coolest ideas is what Adam Smith called the "invisible hand."

He was describing the simple laws of supply and demand.

It's a very basic, but extremely powerful concept.

It's kind of like a meta-communication system for the hive mind of Earth.

Another aspect is how the "hive mind" can creatively solve problems.

So long as the problem is obvious enough, it will eventually be solved.

Because any problem that has presented clearly enough, will inspire hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people all around the world to start thinking of a solution.

Why would they do this?

They all have the same basic thought.

"If I can solve this problem, I can make a lot of money."

And when you have hundreds or thousands of smart brains around the world trying to be the FIRST to solve a problem, it usually gets solved.

This is EXACTLY why there are so many new inventions and discoveries being made.

This is the GOOD part about the human brain.

That collectively, we humans can be pretty clever.

The flip side is not so good.

Most of us KNOW that "somebody" will eventually solve the problem.

This is cool, but it's also dangerous.

Because if you get into the habit of waiting around for "somebody" to solve problems, that "somebody" isn't going to be you.

The flip side of the genius if the "hive mind" is the oppression of the hive mind.

When you are trapped inside, it is VERY DIFFICULT to think independently.

It's VERY easy to go along with the crowd.

Very easy to nod your head when authority figures tell us what's what.

If you are IN a crowd that is also nodding their collective head when an authority is speaking, it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to think any thoughts OTHER than the hive mind.

This is pretty easy to see when things go crazy.

Death cults, evil dictators, we can all look at them and see how nuts they are.

But this SAME THING happens every single day.

Most ideas that most people have are ideas that very FEW PEOPLE have actually thought about.

For most people, so long as they are backed by authority (usually some smart guy on TV) and social proof (friends or social media), that idea is ACCEPTED as valid.

Without even QUESTIONING it.

This is pretty crazy.

Which means being able to question ALL thoughts is VERY helpful.

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