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The behavior of human structure is very easy to see in other people.

We give somebody advice, and they say:

"Yeah, easy for you to say!"

But it's nearly impossible to see in ourselves.

One way is to "go meta."

Which means to purposely look at ourselves, and our behavior from a "higher' or more "objective" perspective.

This is the kind of thing people learn in NLP seminars.

But it's also something people do VERY naturally and EXTREMELY effectively.


If you ever keep any record of any of your behavior, either before or after, you are going meta.

Two common ways are tracking your progress when exercising, or making a shopping list.

For example, say you have a notebook in which you write down how much you lift at the gym.

Every time you look at that list, you are going meta.

You are NOT exercising, and you are looking at your results.

You extrapolate out a few weeks, choose a target, and then carry that target in your head while you exercise.

The "you" reading and planning is a different "you" doing the exercising.

The same thing happens when you make a shopping list.

The "you" making the list is a different "you" that is doing the shopping.

The "you" doing the shopping is almost using the list as their "shopping coach."

We are all also VERY familiar with what happens when we go shopping without our "shopping coach."

Meaning we go shopping without a list (and not meta "us" to watch our shopping "us").

This is when buy junk food.

Essentially, without a "shopping coach" we get "out framed" by the store.

It's almost like we walk into the store, look around and say:

"OK, store, I'll do whatever you want! What should I buy?"

This is pretty much true in ALL AREAS of life.

We can take a little time to "go meta" so we can later watch our own backs, and not get "our framed" by our circumstances.

Or we can NOT plan, not go meta, not carry around any "coaches" (our meta and more objective selves) and hope for the best.

This is what most people do.

And most people get OUT FRAMED by life itself.

But since you already know how to go meta, it's just a matter of doing that EVERYWHERE.

So you don't waste any time, or money.

Amazing things happen when you learn to BE your own GURU.

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