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The Mythology Trap


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Many people consume self help books the same way they consume fiction.

We humans like fiction because it's in a certain structure.

Many movies, myths, even comic book stories follow a hero's journey structure.

Even if it isn't about a traditional hero, it follows the same path.

The protagonist must go through some kind of growth, self discovery, etc.

And there is an antagonist of some sort, that the protagonist must eventually confront.

This can be anything.

Nature, another human, his or her own limiting beliefs.

All stories need conflict.

And when we watch or read or listen to those stories, we do so because we like to go along for the ride.

We imagine it's us as the hero, and our obstacles as the antagonist.

We imagine we are the ones destroying OUR bad guys.

Way back before recorded human history, these stories were highly inspirational, but in a very real, down to earth way.

Getting our needs met was hard, dangerous work.

And it took time.

It didn't involve making phone calls or having conversations.

It required hard physical labor, sometimes against another living entities.

And having a collection of hero stories in mind to keep us going forward was very helpful.

It can be the same today, but it is also easy to forget the purpose of stories.

It would feel kind of weird imagining that you are the hero slaying a dragon while you are giving a sales report in front of your peers.

This is why people tend to consume self help the same way we consume fiction.

We read self help books and imagine that we can one day solve all our problems, and defeat the bad guy and get the girl.

Thinking of an imaginary future us is really not that different from thinking of an imaginary us in the hero's journey story.

Especially if you don't change your behaviors.

Which unfortunately, most people don't after ready self help type stuff.

But in the daily behaviors is where all the money is.

Essentially, solving all your problems is simple.

First imagine the specific behaviors YOU would do to solve your problems, or get what you want.

Then break them down into their smallest parts.

And start practicing.

Figure out some simple thing you can practice EVERY DAY that would eventually get you to the skill level you desire.

Where you can solve your problems and get your needs met.

This is normal, natural and common in things like sports and music.

Not so much in other areas, like thinking and communication.

Luckily, EVERYTHING is a skill.

And all you got to do to get better is to start practicing.

A good place to start is to practice thinking better.

Because thinking is the first thing before any new actions.

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