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Making progress is a good feeling.

It's actually one of the best feelings.

They say that there are two tragedies in life.

Achieving your goals and not achieving your goals.

Why is this?

If you achieve your goals, it feels good.

Really good.

But that feeling quickly fades.

If you've ever won a sports championship, you know the feeling of letdown.

You spend so much time and energy focusing on the big game, it feels fantastic when you win.

But then a couple days later, there's something missing.

Similarly, if you spend a significant amount of time prepping for the big game, and then lose, it feels horrible.

Both of them hurt.

Hence the saying.

If you can extrapolate the common "letdown" feeling to a huge, lifelong goal, you can imagine what that must be like.

At least after a win, you can start to focus on next year.

Or after a nice vacation, the same thing happens.

You feel depressed when it's over and you've got to go back to work.

But at least then it's only a matter of time before you start planning your next vacation.

But a HUGE goal, a lifelong goal, once achieved, really sucks.

It's not like you can create ANOTHER life long goal.

On the other hand, imagine if you spent a couple decades striving for a lifelong goal and then you realized you'd NEVER accomplish it.

This would suck even worse.

Therefore, GETTING and NOT GETTING a lifelong goal eventually creates depression.

This is also why the old saying, "The Road Is Better Than the Inn" is so true.

Think of what it contains.

You're making progress.

You're getting closer and closer.

A goal that is partial real, and partially potential energy.

There is not much better than having a really big potentially GOOD THING out in your future.

Something that is slowly getting closer.

Something that is TOTALLY in your control.

This is why the PATH to your goal is usually much more enjoyable than the goal itself.

It's also why most people NEVER create real goals.

But it's also a reason why you don't really NEED "traditional goals."

You just need progress.

The feeling of getting better combined with something MAGNIFICENT in your future that is coming closer and closer.

If you create these two feelings, any goal you get ON THE WAY will be much easier.

This is why people LOVE exercising.

Even though they aren't training for a specific race or contest, just the general feeling of FORWARD progress is wonderful.

This is also why these types love looking at themselves in the mirror.

It's NOT vanity.

They are NOT thinking, "Wow, I'm gorgeous!"

They are thinking, "Wow, I look better than I used to."

They are seeing EVIDENCE of their progress.

Luckily, you can improve your MIND just as much as your BODY.

How can you see the progress of your mind?

By how you SEE your future.

Learn How:


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