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The Lazy Brain Disease


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There are a lot of troubling statistics about modern society.

One is that the average attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter.

It's kind of a paradox of technological success.

All humans are driven to want to get more with less effort.

Ever since the dawn of time, the most common human thought has been, "There's got to be an easier way to do this!"

Even Bill Gates once said the ideal employee is both intelligent and lazy.

Lazy because he's driven to do less work.

Intelligent because he figures out way to get more outcome with less effort.

If you're ultimate goal is to be as lazy as possible, it will drive you to come up with some pretty cool inventions.

Essentially all human inventions have been created to get more outcome with less work.

But therein lies the paradox.

A world filled with people who get things easily, without a lot of strenuous effort might start to feel entitled.

The WORST thing that can happen to you as a human is to be a combination of lazy acting and lazy thinking.

If you combine lazy acting with intelligent thinking, you'll always be thinking of ways to increase your laziness.

But if you combine lazy acting with lazy thinking, you end up a slave to other people's thinking.

It's no coincidence that 70% of TV advertising paid for by pharmaceutical companies.

And from a persuasion standpoint, they are VERY CLEVER.

"Do you suffer from [hard to remember name] disease? Check with your doctor, you might be eligible for [hard to remember name] drug!"

Two minutes later, all the average TV viewer can remember is if something (anything!) is wrong, your doc has a pill for it.

Even if you live a lazy lifestyle, you can still live healthily.

You can still eat healthy and do some exercises every day.

It's one thing to ENJOY relaxing the couch.

It's something else entirely to NEED to stay on the couch because standing and walking to the kitchen is exhausting!

The same goes with thinking.

Our brains are ALWAYS active.

Meaning if you choose not to think, SOMEBODY is going to be doing your thinking for you.

And most people who INTEND to do your thinking for you are just like those TV ads for drugs.

They know EXACTLY how to put just the right amount of information in your brain.

Luckily, you can exercise your brain just as easily as your body.

If you get into the habit of doing brain exercises JUST LIKE body exercises, you'll be in tip top shape.

Learn More:

Hallucinating Mind

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