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The Peanut Butter Sandwich Miracle


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Ideally we humans go through two phases of life.

When we are kids, and we expect others to take care of us.

And when we are adults, and we take care of our own stuff.

Of course, we are absolutely dependent on the massive global economy.

If you tried to grow your own wheat to make your own bread, and then grow your own peanuts to make your own peanut butter, it would take a while.

It's much easier to buy some bread and some peanut butter and make a sandwich.

This is a very simple idea, but it's also nearly magical.

Before they invented farming, production and consumption were the same thing.

You had to chase and kill an animal before you could eat it.

When you were chasing it, that was production.

When you were eating it, that was consumption.

Today, the two are a kajillion miles apart.

Way back in the fifties, an economist wrote an essay called, "I, Pencil."

Which described the MASSIVE global effort it took to make a simple pencil.

Rubber, metal, graphite, paint wood.

All from different parts of the world.

Somehow, they end up down at your local pencil shop.

Despite all the different elements (rubber, wood, paint, graphite) and all the people who participate the complex process, you can buy a pencil for fifty cents.

The difference today from production (what you do for money) and consumption (what you can buy for that same money) is MASSIVE.

And infinitely complex.

Think about something way more complicated than a pencil or a peanut butter sandwich.

Think about EVERYTHING that makes watching a movie at your local theater possible.

From the movie itself, (actors, technicians, etc.) and the actual theater, there is tons of global cooperation needed so we can pay ten bucks, sit and turn our brains off and vicariously participate in an epic journey.

This is a LONG WAY from chasing down an animal and killing it!

And all this was done by how well we can IMAGINE things.

The difference from way back then to now is ENORMOUS.

But every step of the way is just a tiny change.

And every single tiny change involves some human, just like you, looking at something that ALREADY exists and thinking, "Hmm, how could I make that better?"

You have the same brain that every inventor, scientist and genius used.

And you can use that very same thought.

Look around, find something interesting and think:

"Hmm. How could I make that better?"

Learn How:



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