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Putting this here for now journal on Romantic Men & Lucky etc


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I may move this elsewhere but for now I am putting this here as I want to add to it, i think.

I've been listening to the Romantic Men and the Get Lucky videos daily for maybe a month.


Things are starting to change, more with the luck but I am seeing some changes in both cases.

Romantic Men:

I had two dates three weeks ago, one last weekend and the other the week before.  Neither was a match but in both cases me & the guy had a lovely evening, a good laugh and chat.  Coffee date with one and drinks date with the other.

The first one was real cute, even more than in his photo.  I hadn't had a date since about maybe August. 


With the online matches, even if guys HAVE wanted to hook up, when I have turned them down in some cases they have turned a bit more romantic as in "Well, I would like to take you out on a date too" and "I would also treat you like a princess out of bed".  Things like that.  It's rare I come across horrible guys, (I don't mean guys just wanting a hook up that is not horrible but actually nasty guys) but there just DOES seem to be a bit more romantic-ness.. 


Someone said they had met their spirit guide so I asked about my dream guy and the message was positive and uplifting and also today on facebook someone posted some music and it was really romantic!  (I don't find all music romantic, I think some is really cheesy!)  I got to kiss this guy again who is the most handsome man I have seen in my life face to face (so far?!) I doubt it will ever go anywhere, which is fine but I thought about that kiss for DAYS.  mmm so nice! 

I also tried speed dating, first time ever but no matches, (didn't fancy anyone) but I made a new friend.

And I have had two guys who look like dream men types physically match with me in the online dating. 


Lucky: Lucky is been things like getting my favourite seats on the bus more but it's also started to increase.  The press were supposed to come to work, I didn't want them to, intended a good outcome and it was cancelled! Permanently!  

And then a paper blew away but it turned out even though I thought I had only typed bits of it, i had a copy of the whole thing and someone returned it and a few times my assistant would say things like "That was lucky" or "We were lucky!"

Also, I was given a card to get 20% off my food bill in my favourite restaurant any and every time I eat there!  I need to do a couple of reviews for them, which I have typed and will put up today but that felt cool too it almost felt like being paid for something that is NOT related to my current career so that's awesome too.  Plus getting more and more free meals from the landlord's new wife which saves a bit of money.

I had unlucky things, like my shoe breaking but overall I think my luck seems on the up and even always getting amazing service in the majority of places.  


I may add a couple more but I haven't decided which yet.  I might do another love life one, like raining men, and maybe the time control one.  ALL of these videos are awesome.  But that's my little update so far on Get Lucky 


Romantic Men.  I want to use these videos on career and money too, but I am doing certain areas, then changing, you see.  So love life now is a focus but i have my eye on other ones later on, like money and career ones here plus other cool videos.  Bring it ON, man! 

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Of course you can!  

I may have an update soon, but I will share when I know for sure.

Once a day, using earbuds.


I have also started to add to this the "Love Hypnosis" video too, to do that as well.

Not quite ready for my next relationship and I even tried some like the dream man and ideal partner and could feel I am not ready yet but I want to sort of do some clearing and I want to really be myself next time - the best version of me!  The first relationship I was in after my divorce - very quickly after but he was NOT a rebound! I followed all this dating advice so much that I feel I wasn't myself and it was hard to tell him how I felt about things cos a lot of dating guides were encouraging me NOT to.  Well, this time I want to be myself.  And I want to feel I can be open to love again.  The love hypnosis video is helpful for that.


I also might add the flirting one (for offline guys) I can be naturally flirty, in a nice way! but I have repressed that and some of the attracting men ones, though I am attracting men ;-) but it's amazing...with one of the videos, the Raining Men one, I think, one time when I was listening to it or maybe twice, guys started to text me DURING the video!!  


And I am, of course, continuing the Get Lucky video, to attract more and more good luck into my life.  


My plan is love life, later on money and career and so on ones.

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Quick update.

I had another date today.

I don't think he is attracted to me SOB! but well it was still a lovely date.  He is gorgeous! and a cool guy too.  We walked around and then we had a light meal in this cool cafe restaurant that had awesome decor & we had a yummy drink each too.  And lots of laughs. We had a few things in common.  He's my type physically pretty much, like 95% plus at least mmm and he's also someone who from what he says LIKES going out and exploring. 

It's weird though cos things started out totally different.  His opening line was 


and then later he said how he is quite shy & gets rejected a bit & I was like well, if your opening line offline is also "Sex?" I'm not surprised. 

Anyway we chatted & a couple of days later, he asked me out on an actual date.  And it was lovely, we had a lot of laughs and we were out together for about three and a half hours, I think.  So, I'm hoping its another step in the right direction.  Another date, being taken out by a handsome and possibly romantic man yes.  I don't think unfortunately we'll meet again, plus he's not that long out of a relationship, I think and I think he wants to date a build and build up his confidence and I can relate to that very well.   So at first I was like aw I don't think he fancies me, I think he's friend-zoning me.  He asked lots of questions and smiled lots but what does THAT prove!  But I still feel NOW like maybe that's a step in the right direction, dating romantic handsome men yes hooray!  

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Thank YOU for replying!  

Yes I think it certainly could be.


It seems i need to do more "inner work" (damn it!) this guy I have a fling with & I had a fall out though the day before he said in part of his text "Love u" and also a X (kiss) which is unusually romantic for him.  But although he annoyed me yesterday, my jealousy etc. rared it's ugly head so romantically I am going to be step by step doing some videos around that sort of thing like jealousy, the no vampire one, self esteem and so on not all at once! but over the next 20 months and also of course I want to work on OTHER things too not just my love life so I will be diving into the money one more soon then later career and so on!!!  Exciting!........but the good news is I am certainly attracting men oh my gosh and in some ways it is more romantic but before I have another relationship I need to be a heck of a lot more secure.  I am in the process of getting a date with a new guy for coffee or a drink, which is nice!  The one on love has definitely helped me feel more open to a relationship & expressing myself - maybe a little TOO well LOL! 


Luck-wise I will continue to work on this video too.

It says about being lucky in love, yes and lucky at work and so on.

I feel a bit more lucky like, my landlord asked about this raffle & I actually MIGHT buy a ticket just for a laugh.  I mean, I think since doing the Get lucky video I DO feel a bit less skeptical that I COULD win something.   So that's another nice effect!  

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 I would definately buy a raffle ticket if it were me as long as they weren't too expensive, as I would think that it might be my subconcious mind (or the universe or something) presenting me with an opportunity. However if you do buy one and don't win anything I will come back and delete this post.


 So was that the same guy from before who sent the "love u" text then, the 95% chap?

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I don't know whether i should mention this or not cos some people might thank I am "bad" though I think you are all pretty open-minded here, as am I LOL but I was listening to the manifesting video here and I thought I wanted you know let's just say a guy to just have "fun" with.  Ahem.  One guy.  A perfect lover.   I hope you don't think badly of me for that.  

But I didn't really want abstinence from sex (no sex until my next boyfriend) or a whole lot of lovers either. Just one guy to meet those needs. 


Although I didn't even ask for a perfect lover, just a lover, but I GOT a perfect lover!  


And within a few days I attracted him and while we don't always get on and despite what a few people have said, I just can't see how things could ever be more than casual between us, he is certainly in some ways a perfect match for a guy to just have "fun" with.  We are also both free to see others and yes have actually had conversations about that so I am not cheating on him by dating other guys etc.  My nickname for THIS guy is Angel (for a couple of reasons) and Angel ALSO looks like a man of my dreams, they BOTH do.  In fact he is one of the most handsome men I have ever seen in real life, although they are both IMHO very handsome and my type physically.   I don't know how long Angel & I will keep seeing each other for, but I met him late July.  He's a perfect guy for just that in several ways and I think I definitely manifested Angel with that video!  It was just a thought of that it would be nice to have that....as I was listening to the video and sending that intention out.   I think I should use that video more cos it worked very well in that case.  I have used it a couple of times and i think if i do use it more, I will keep just asking in a  not TOO attached way, and keep a record of what i ask.  


But Angel is NOT boyfriend material.  Don't feel bad for him.  He has me AND can see other women too!  


So I attracted the most amazing lover ever and when I am ready - I am thinking within 20 months - I want to attract my most amazing boyfriend ever who will also be a most amazing lover but more than that.  


But in the meantime, I also enjoy dating for its own sake.  To increase my confidence with guys, I love meeting new people and chatting with them and having a laugh.   If I meet my next boyfriend earlier well & good.  But I like just having a love and sex life in the meantime, as well as continuing to work on the rest of my life, step by step.  


I'm fine with Angel seeing other women and not actually jealous of that, in fact I'm happy for him!  


but I got jealous about something recently and so I decided the next videos are:

Beliefs, No Victim and No Vampires.  (And I will do the jealousy one soon too.)


Cos if I am jealous in a casual thing how will I manage in an actual relationship?  So it's shown me the next things to work on.  


By the way, the strangest thing happened, cos he's not usually "mushy" with me though he HAS on occasion said or done "mushy" things - by done I just mean things like cuddle me close to him and I think he brushed away a hair from my face once.

The other day he texted cheeky stuff then suddenly he texted "Love u"

I texted "Love U 2" 

and he texted a X (kiss)

He doesn't do things like that.  RARELY.  

And I think MAYBE it is also connected to the romantic handsome men video and the love one.

I was quite surprised the whole day cos it's not normally his style to say things like that to me!!!

It was nice though. 

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I am new to this forum, so I thought I would look around a bit and see who was here.   I was interested to read your posts.  Personally, I am married to a wonderful man who thinks I walk on water.  Every day he tells me how beautiful I am (even when my hair is a mess, I have yet to moisturize, and my mascara is smeared down my cheeks) and how lucky he feels to be married to me.  So, yes.  I feel as though I AM very lucky.  We have been married 25 years.   I would like to encourage you to work on your own self esteem and confidence.  Men are attracted to that. George has some great programs for that.  I have not listed to the program for attracting men or luck.  I think I am already doing well in those areas.   I would like to leave you with this thought: it should be the guy who is the LUCKY one to attract YOU.  YOU are valuable.




P.S. Hansome is in the eye of the beholder and related to the inner sole, once you get past the initial stages of the relationship.  You may find that guys who do not meet the exterior criteria for magazine ads are actually more handsome, in the long run.  Don't discount them.  You may be passing by your soul mate.

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