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How To Build A Mental Lab


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It's very common for people to slowly change how they think as they age.

It's makes perfect sense from an objective standpoint.

A young person looks out at the world, sees a bunch of stuff, and then compares that stuff to the stuff in their brain.

The longer you are alive, the more stuff you have in your brain to compare stuff to.

Structurally, it's very similar to thinking about a do-it-yourself job with only a couple of tools, vs. a huge toolset of tools.

With only a screwdriver, some nails and a hammer, you wouldn't be able to accomplish much.

But with an entire garage full of tools, especially tools that you could use, you would be able to take on FAR more complicated tasks.

Most people fill the tools in their head slowly and organically.

They are content to go through life, waiting for the EVENTS to provide the experience and memories.

Some people purposely have new experiences, just so they have more experiences to rely on.

This is a very advanced way of thinking.

It's usually an idea that older people have when looking at younger people doing things.

They say, "It will be a good experience for him."

Meaning the person they are talking about will do a bunch of stuff, a bunch of unexpected things will happen, and they will be forced to respond, in the moment, to these unexpected things.

These are generally the experiences that make up who we are.

A few people don't just let it happen organically.

They purposely seek new experiences, just for the sake of having new experiences.

Even at a young age, they've learned that ANY experience is generally helpful in retrospect.

This would be like PURPOSELY filling your garage with tools and eagerly learning how to use them.

These are the folks that have a zeal for life, that do things just to see what will happen.

This, of course, can be dangerous and expensive.

There is, however, a much easier way.

A way to fill your head with just as many experiences, which will translate into tools, that you can use to solve extremely complicated problems.

You can gain these "mind tools" not only by having experiences.

But by purposely IMAGINING certain things in certain ways.

By creating a laboratory in your mind, you can do a lot more experimenting.

Now, it might seem impossible.

Most people close their eyes, with the intention of experimenting in the laboratory of their minds and see nothing but blackness.

But building up your mental laboratory is a skill unto itself.

And once you build your mental lab, the sky's the limit what you can do with it.

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