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Thinking about brainpower requires brainpower.

Brainpower is different than other skills.

Very different.

If you had zero upper body strength, you would know it.

You could see somebody doing a pushup, and not be able to.

You could see somebody benching 300 lbs, and not be able to.

You could imagine what you couldn't do.

But with brainpower, you are limited to what you can imagine.

Meaning that we can't imagine what we can't imagine.

One of the ways this presents itself is when we look at something AFTER it has been figured out.

Before, it's one of those things that everybody stares at and has absolutely NO clue what to do.

But then some guys comes along and fixes it, or figures it out, and everybody has the same idea:

"Dang, why didn't I think of that?"

Both general and special relativity are fairly simple.

The math of special relatively is junior high school level.

General relativity, not so much.

But these two very simple ideas changed the way we look at reality.

These two ideas that are EASY to understand AFTER we see them.

Only the smartest guys since the dawn of time didn't even come close.

They couldn't imagine what they couldn't imagine.

But all it took was ONE GUY to come along and imagine it, and now EVERYBODY can imagine it.

Most people don't think of this as a skill.

In fact, most people don't think.

They are presented with a problem, and sit around waiting for the solution to just "pop" into their brain.

They might look to the side and PRETEND they are thinking, when in reality they are waiting for the magic idea fairy to deliver the answer.

And when she doesn't deliver, they show a puzzled look.

"Wow, I just can't think of anything!"

Mark Twain once famously said the difference between people who DON'T read and people who CAN'T read is nothing.

We can say the same about thinking.

Not much difference between people who can't think and people who don't think.

After all, thinking is hard.

Why bother when so many things will do our thinking for us?

TV, social media, whatever our friends are talking about.

But if you take the time to practice thinking, not just random thoughts, but specific thoughts designed to increase your thinking skills, you can develop a very POWERFUL imagination.

The more you practice imagining, the further out you'll be able to imagine things.

So YOU can be the one coming with ideas.

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