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Kids have a game they call "telephone."

Maybe you've played it.

The teacher whispers a sentence into one kid's ear.

Then that kid whispers that into another kids' ear, and so on.

By the time the "sentence" goes around the room, it's completely changed.

Usually, this is seen as a fun game, but also an example of how we humans tend to mix up ideas.

It's generally seen as a human weakness, that we can't our brains as perfect repeaters.

If you had a class full of robots, for example, they wouldn't mess up the message.

But if you think of all the stuff humans have invented, it uses the very same process of the telephone game.

We perceive an idea out in the world.

We take that idea into our brain and turn it over a few times.

Then we slightly rebuild that idea.

Sometimes, it doesn't make sense.

Other times, the NEW idea is much better than ANYTHING ever created before.

Every single invention we have, every single human breakthrough, every technological advance was created just like the telephone game.

Only it happened both consciously and unconsciously.

Ideas come in, and by mixing them with our conscious and unconscious thoughts, new ideas are borne.

Then THESE ideas spread, and take on lives of their own.

This is where all stories, ancient mythology, and even human language come from.

All based on the very necessary idea that are brains are NOT perfect repeaters.

They're more like prisms, filters, or resonance chambers.

Ideas come in, are broken down into their components, and certain elements are strengthened and amplified.

Luckily we are NOT perfect robots.

And even luckier, you can do certain things to INCREASE the strength of your "idea generator."

By practicing certain skills, you can take any idea (the same ideas that are floating in and out of everybody else's brain) and turn them into MAGIC.

Simple daily drills, just like mental pushups or situps, that will significantly increase the power of your thinking brain.

Your creating mind.

Your imagining mind.

This is the real advantage of all creative genius ideas that have significantly improved human life.

These brilliant brains see and experience the same things everybody else does.

But what they DO with those, inside their heads, makes all the difference.

And by doing these simple exercises, YOU can make all the difference.

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