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One of the presuppositions of NLP is that flexibility is better, all else equal.

Meaning if there is some contest, whoever is the most flexible in solving problems will win the contest.

If you are a football team, and all you can do is run up the middle, and defend against runs up the middle, you won't do well against a team who can do everything.

Short passes, long passes, no-huddle offenses, etc.

The team that can respond differently to different situations will generally do better than a team with only a handful of plays.

One of the reasons that Alexander the Great was such a bad ass was his armies were made up of all the various Greek City-States.

They had a TON of different "fighting styles."

Which meant he had a ton of flexibility as his disposal when he would come up against his various enemies, many of which significantly outnumbered him.

One of the reasons humans are in charge of planet Earth (instead of say, Koalas, for example) is because of our brains.

Our brains are the definition of flexible.

In our long evolutionary history, those who had bigger brains were better for a TON of reasons.

They could speak better, and tell more interesting stories.

They could plan better, and communicate these plans persuasively.

This allowed them to lead better.

They could imagine better, and come up with new tools that were better than rocks.

Every other animal has only a very small range where they can live.

Except humans, who can think our way around problems, and live in deserts as well in igloos.

Luckily, all the skills that gave humans an edge collectively can give us an edge individually.

Thinking skills, planning skills, learning skills, communication skills, all these can be enhanced.

Just like going to gym and eating properly can turn you from a flabby mess into a chiseled machine, doing the right brain exercises can turn you into a thinking and communicating powerhouse.

And when you think about it, this is kind of odd.

Our best asset as humans is our brains, not our bodies.

But most people spend their lives strengthening their bodies, and not their brains.

If you spent just a little bit of time strengthening your brain, you would have a HUGE advantage over nearly everybody on Earth.

Since most of us believe that are brain skills are set.

And once we have a certain level of brain skills, that's it.

Luckily, that is not true.

Not by a long shot.

So when YOU start to do these brain exercises, you will be doing something that few people know exist.

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