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The world is a complicated place.

Lucky for us humans, we come pre-built with certain filters.

Some of these are programmed in, some are flexible.

For example, we seem to come pre-built with filters that cause instant fear when we see a creepy crawly thing scurry across the floor.

Maybe there was once was a race of people who thought snakes were cute, but they all got bit and died before they could pass that gene on.

On the other side, we all are drawn to bright colors.

If you were gazing across an ancient landscape, and you saw a cluster of colors, it usually meant something good.

Sweet fruit, flowers (maybe bees and some honey) or at least some water.

We also have tons of filters we can build in.

Like our names.

Nobody is born knowing their name, but pretty soon it's the sweetest thing we'll ever hear.

On top of the idea of filters is the idea of models.

These are more temporary.

They can help us make sense of an overly complicated world.

Turns out there are three very POWERFUL models that make it very easy to focus on improving ANY skill.

Three areas that when improved, all other skills will be improved.

If you look back in history, every single creation that has helped mankind has been borne of these three skills.

Skills that everybody has in varying degrees.

Skills that can be improved with daily practice.

Which means the MORE you focus on improving these three skill, the easier everything will be.

Yes, everything.

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