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It's pretty common these days to beef up at the gym.

Some psychologists say that in bad economic times, more guys end up in the gym getting ripped.

If they can't impress the ladies with their salaries, they'll impress them with their abs.

Even if you aren't interested in impressing anybody, getting and staying in shape has a ton of benefits.

You sleep better, you eat better, you feel better.

Unless you've got some hidden, psychotic reasons for getting in shape, getting a lean mean body provides TONS of benefits.

Of course, it does require a very necessary thinking process.

One that more and more people seem to be having trouble with these days.

And that is putting in some kind of effort TODAY, or a benefit in the FUTURE.

More and more people have the idea that they won't lift a finger unless they get immediate and guaranteed benefit.

This idea is VERY DANGEROUS.

It's easy, and it's hard to escape from.

Once you get into the habit of doing something NOW for a benefit NOW, it's hard to get out of.

Paradoxically, if you do something like basic exercise long enough, you actually get benefit NOW (while you do it) AND into the future.

This is generally true for all "healthy" behavior.

It only "sucks" in the beginning.

But there is one area where FEW people even THINK about building a better future.

Of doing things TODAY to make a much better TOMORROW.

It's common and even popular with ideas like health and fitness.

But just as important as your body is, there is something MUCH MORE important.

Your brain.

Consider what would happen if you spent as much time exercising your brain as some people did their bodies.

Sure, it's cool to walk the earth with some impressive guns and a six pack.

But with a powerful BRAIN?

That would actually be worth a TON of money!

How do you exercise your brain?

Luckily, there are really only THREE areas to focus on.

Unlike your body, which has tons of different muscles.

But the more you work on these THREE areas of your brain, the more you can do whatever you want with life.

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