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The Bear Theory Of Charisma


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for a lot of stuff.

Back before he was anything, he was a bodybuilder.

The most famous ever.

One of his training recommendations was to train until failure.

Most of us never do that.

Meaning we wake up, do a few sit ups and push ups, maybe jog a couple miles, and call it good.

If you were to train until failure, it would be mean waking up and doing pushups until you literally couldn't do any more.

Exercise your muscles so hard they simply don't work any more.

Of course, if you were a regular human with a regular job, this would be kind of silly.

Every day at work you'd be so sore you couldn't move.

But if you wanted to become the most famous bodybuilder of all time, it would be a good idea of train until failure as often as physically possible.

Since being a bodybuilder IS your full time job.

And since bodybuilding is a competition, if YOU didn't train until failure, somebody else would.

When it comes to normal, every day skills, normal humans rarely need to train until failure.

For us, the "bear theory" is perfect.

What is the bear theory?

Those two guys who were out hiking. 

And they saw a bear.

And the one guy started putting on his running shoes.

The other guy said, "Dude, what are you thinking? You can't run faster than a bear!"

To which is friend said, "Don't need to run faster than a bear. Only faster than you!"

Most of the time, us normal folks won't need world class skills.

Only pretty good.

If you go into a job interview, you don't need to be the best applicant on Earth.

Only the best one in the room.

If you talk to a cute guy or girl, you don't need to be the most charismatic person on Earth.

Only the most charismatic in the room.

So when you "train," you don't NEED to train until failure.

Just doing some daily exercises will be fine.

So you be better than every other goof in the area.

What kind of exercises?

The kind that build a strong frame.

A strong sense of self confidence.

Strong communication skills.

Strong thinking skills.

The main things that come across during one-on-one interactions.

Since most people don't train at all, just by doing the daily drills, you'll have a huge advantage over most.

Which daily drills?



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