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Some helpful cool books (what are some of yours?)


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I can't leave this part of the forum untouched any longer ha ha.


OK I will a list of some books by topic and if you want to, please feel free to add some books on self development that you like and find helpful.


I guess for things like goal setting and mindset, one of my favourites (NZ/UK spelling) is 

Awaken the giant within by Anthony (Tony) Robbins.

Now, yes, his seminars are expensive (they can be real cool though!) but this book is not.  It's long, about 500 pages! but it is IMHO a pretty awesome book and it includes information on goal setting, pattern-breaking and vocabulary plus empowering questions.


I want to include a couple of NLP books as some of us here are interested in this or have/are studying it and it may also be of interest to others.


Coaching with NLP: A practical guide to getting the best out of yourself and others

by Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages


Now, it's mainly for people who want to learn about coaching including NLP in it but also some of the techniques and information is cool.  


I also have a book of 300 NLP techniques (or something) I need to find it! but it is a little confusing, still it is a cool thing to have!  I will find out the exact name etc and add it here later. 


And I have 

"Get the life you want" by Richard Bandler (one of NLP's two founding fathers)

The CD that comes with it sounds quite hilarious but it's uplifting and there are some good techniques in that book to.


The Aladdin Factor and Dare to Win (two books) by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

I have read them a few times but my memory is a bit vague on them, but I believe Dare to Win includes parts on setting goals (as well as affirmations etc) and The Aladdin Factor is more about assertiveness.


Finally, some of Law of Attraction books.

Well I DO like Abraham Hick's book "Ask and it is given" but I know for some people it might sound a bit airy fairy with the talk of channeling and other people here might love the processes on changing thoughts and love them.

I definitely have more but will have to see what comes to mind, oh yes I personally like Rhonda Byrne's books, she is the Aussie (executive producer of The Secret movie) she also wrote The Power and The Magic (very good IMHO and The Magic has practical processes for focusing on gratitude.  Affirmations by Louise Hay.  And yes, I have also read some of the much older law of attraction books.  I have read "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Cambell, I believe, but I think I need to dive in more and apply more.  


I also quite like Paul McKennas CDs & books, that's more hypnosis and NLP.


I also just really wanted to add something to this discussion.


And I am grateful to be able to learn from reading (including Kindle as well as paper books) and being a fast reader.

And obviously for this cool forum and the wonderful videos by George! 


What books do you find helpful and why?

And what do you think of my list (you may think it's great, OK, or utter crap, I dunno ha ha!) 

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Hi new here. The books I am finding helpful at the moment are George Hutton's Covert Hypnosis, Kindle (from Amazon), NLP The Essential Guide From NLP Comprehensive Tom Hoobyar...(Amazon), Writing Open The Mind, Andy Couturier {(Amazon)-Do you see a pattern here} Many other useful books but I'd be here all night writing. Those are my top three, All packed with plenty of useful tools...Thanks for your recommendations. Cheers! :-)

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Replying MONTHS later, LOL, yes, I actually LOVE how George Hutton writes.  I am on the mailing list even though i HAVE some of the things already and sometimes - not always - I like to read through for the cool little anecdotes!  So, yes I love - I love the way you write George, in general! 

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