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Completed Requests:

x-genius investor (real estate, stocks, businesses, etc)
x-breast enlargement
x-singer - best performer
x-beat cellulite
x-truth seeker (posted in "Social")
x-Kegel Exercises (posted in "Health")
x-Control Ejaculation (posted in "Relationships")
x-One Woman Army (posted in "Sports")
x-Invisibility -(posted in "Parapsychology")
x-Anxiety (posted in "Health")
x-Rock Solid Patience (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Out Of Body Experience (posted in "Parapsychology")
x-Flute Master (posted in "Artistic")
x-Turn Off Unconscious Defense (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Bad Boy Charm - Master of Seduction (posted in "Relationships")

x-Male Supermodel (posted in "Social")

x-Impervious To Opinion of Others (posted in "Social")

x-Wealthy Family (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Stop Snoring (posted in "Health")

x-0.5 Delta Pure Sleep (posted in "Health")

x-Approach Anxiety for Women (posted in "Social")
x-No Dark Circles Under Eyes - Perfect Complexion - Beautiful Eyes (posted in "Health")
x-Be Laid Back (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Enhanced Speed (posted in "Sports")
x-Dream Girl (posted in "Relationships")
x-Stop Jealousy (posted in "Relationships")
x-No Soda - Raw Food (posted in "Health")
x-Best Album (posted in "Artistic")
x-Social Proof (posted in "Social")
x-Ice Skating (posted in "Sports")
x-Attract Romantic and Handsome Men (posted in "Relationships")
x-Music (posted in "Artistic") 
x-Vocal Range and  Flexibility (posted in "Artistic")
x-Pre Workout Motivation (posted in "Sports")
x-Captivating Story Teller (posted in "Artistic")
x-No Sleep / Minimum Sleep (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Celebrity Like Beauty (posted in "Social")
x-Time Control (posted in "Parapsychology")
x-Junk Food Is Healthy (posted in "Health")
x-Dream Career (posted in "Manifesting")
x-Gorgeous Ass (posted in "Social")
x-Tennis Hypnosis (posted in "Sports")
x-Dream Guy (posted in "Relationships")
x-Vertical Leap (posted in "Sports")
x-Money Instinct (posted in "Wealth")
x-Coffee Buzz (posted in "Health")
x-Love Your  Job (posted in "Business")
x-Millionaire Work Ethic (posted in "Business") 
x-Overcome SAD (posted in "Health")
x-Hustler (posted in "Business")
x-Interview Exam Anxiety (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Flow State (posted in "Sports")
x-Stage Genius (posted in "Artistic")
x-Time Management (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Self Realization (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Renaissance Man (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Vampire Defense (posted in "Social")
x-Playboy - True Alpha (posted in "Relationships")
x-Attract Twerk Ass Girl (posted in "Relationships")
x-Good Girl Seduction (posted in "Relationships")
x-Ninja (posted in "Sports")
x-Adrenaline Rush (posted in "Sports")
x-Love Life (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Dream Job II (posted in "Business")
x-Push Higher (posted in "Mind Skills")
x-Indestructible (posted in "Sports")
x-Gold (posted in "Manifesting")
x-Football Genius (posted in "Sports")
x-Angel Communication (posted in "Parapsychology")
x-Vocal God (posted in "Artistic")
x-Slot Machines (posted in "Manifesting")
x-Sex Magnet (EXPLICIT! - Posted in "Relationships")
x-Flawless Skin (posted in "Health")

x-Eye Color (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Pleased (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-MMA (posted in "Sports")

x-Optimum Occurrence - Synchronicity (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Beliefs (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Release Sexual Inhibitions (posted in "Relationships")

x-Life Like A Movie (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Courtroom Genius (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Listening Skills (posted in "Social")

x-No More Anger (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Very Pleased II (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Parkour (posted in "Sports")

x-Instant Affirmations (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Manipulate Matter (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Self Amusement (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Perfect Driver (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Sex Goddess (posted in "Relationships")

x-Unlimited Victory (posted in "Sports")

x-Music Business (posted in "Artistic")

x-Dream Programming (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Submissive Male Slave (posted in "Relationships")

x-DNA Activation (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Pop Star (posted in "Artistic")

x-Peaceful Transition (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Continuous Growth (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Androgynous Ageless Beauty (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Male Slave II (posted in "Relationships")

x-Ideal Husband (posted in "Relationships")

x-Loved (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Virtuous Wife (posted in "Relationships")

x-Kindle Writing Success (posted in "Artistic")

x-Nirvana (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Flexible (posted in "Health")

x-Grow Taller - Increased Wingspan (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Ten Inches (posted in "Relationships")

x-Persuasive Seducer (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Miracles Now (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Attract Parties (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Master Voice Actor (posted in "Artistic")

x-Wow Sex Life (posted in "Relationships")

x-Rich Famous Blogger (posted in "Business")

x-Accept Treatment (posted in "Health")

x-Longevity (posted in "Health")

x-High Credit Score (posted in "Wealth")

x-Music Producer (posted in "Artistic")

x-VIP Lifestyle (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Luxury Lifestyle (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Super Model (posted in "Artistic")

x-Ideal Skin Tone (posted in "Health")

x-Grammy Winner (posted in "Artistic")

x-Holiday Cheer (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Ideal Engagement (posted in "Relationships")

x-Bisexual Fantasy (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Become Smooth / Smooth Voice (posted in "Relationships")

x-Humility (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Cryophobia(posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Help People (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Modeling Genius (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Master Life / Sex Money Mind (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Wife Sex Magnet - EXPLICIT (posted in "Relationships")

x-Destroy Fear (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Online Game For Women (posted in "Relationships")

x-Better Basketball Shooter (posted in "Sports")

x-Chess Master (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Football Performance (posted in "Sports")

x-Rap Song (posted in "Artistic")

x-Sex Drive (posted in "Health")

x-Good Kisser (posted in "Relationships")

x-Lucid Dreams (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Super Reader (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Gluten Tolerance (posted in "Health")

x-Resistance Free (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Perfect Job Application (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Monk Strength (posted in "Sports")

x-Congruence(posted in "Mind Skills")

x-IBS Relief (posted in "Health")

x-Aggressive Dominance Money (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Camera Lover (posted in "Artistic")

x-Tech Test (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Kidney Health (posted in "Health")

x-Manifesting Property (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Male Sex Power (posted in "Relationships")

x-Binary Options (posted in "Wealth")

x-Acid Reflux (posted in "Health")

x-Melanin Production (posted in "Health")

x-Age Reversal (posted in "Health")

x-Job Promotion (posted in "Business")

x-Posh Accent (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Mobile App Empire (posted in "Business")

x-Well Dressed Man (posted in "Business")

x-Fly -(posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Seduction Training (Posted in "Relationships")

x - IQ Wisdom Intuition - Superhuman Intelligence (posted in "Mind Skills")

x- Powerful Sorcerer (posted in "Parapsychology")

x- Alien Abductions (posted in "Parapsychology") 

x- Own Your Life (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Killer Eye Look (posted in "Social")

x-Meet The Right People (posted in "Social")

x-Arthritis Free (posted in "Health")

x-Easy Essay Writer (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Long Nail Beds (posted in "Health")

x-Stunt Master (posted in "Sports")

x-High Quality Woman (posted in "Relationships")

x-Body Hair Free (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Super Healthy Nails (posted in "Health")

x-Friends Into Lovers (posted In "Relationships")

x-Perfect Exam (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Maximum Potential (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Pheromone Production (posted in "Social")

x-Breatherian (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Truth Serum (posted in "Social")

x-Entity Removal (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Female Sex Magnet (posted in "Relationships")

x-Japanese Language (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Dream Body (Perfect Body) (Posted in "Health")

x-Ex Boyfriend Back (posted in "Relationships")

x-Martial Arts (posted in "Sports")

x-Stop Daydreaming (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Trust Men (posted in "Relationships")

x-Comfort Zone (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Block Love Rivals (posted in "Relationships")

x-Love Magnet (posted in "Social")

x-Challenge (posted in "Relationships")

x-IBS Go Away (posted in "Health")

x-Dream Life (posted in "Manifesting')

x-Seductive Gaze for Women (posted in "Social")

x-Linguistic Genius (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Face Fat (posted in "Health")

x-Sexual Enhancement For Women (posted in "Health")

x-Angel Voices (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Will Power (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Facebook Famous (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Hex Protection (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Work Online (posted in "Business")

x-Movie Life (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Alexandria's Genesis (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Hemispheric Integration (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Urinary Tract Infection (posted in "Health")

x-Postnasal Drip (posted in "Health")

x-Yeast Infection (posted in "Health")

x-Appreciate People (posted in "Social")

x-Bright Aura (posted in "Social")

x-Wealthy Hot Women (posted in "Relationships")

x-Subconscious Anchoring (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Evolved Consciousness (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Dirty Talk - Verbal Domination (posted in "Relationships")

x-Roast Session Master (posted in "Artistic")

x-Low Carb Life (posted in "Health")

x-Job Mastery (posted in "Business")

x-Attract Dominant Women (posted in "Relationships")

x-Master Pickup Artist (posted in "Social")

x-Verbal Ninja (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Academic Success (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Throat Chakra (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Darting Genius (posted in "Sports")

x-World Traveler (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Natural Writer (posted in "Artistic")

x-Pinterest Famous (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Investor Entrepreneur (posted in "Business")

x-Divinity (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Free From Mucous And Plaque (Healthy Veins) (posted in "Health")

x-Biofield Enhancement (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Native Tongue (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Forgiveness (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Subconscious Eater (posted in "Health")

x-Call Center Mastery (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Sex Magnetic Mind (posted in "Relationships")

x-Audition Master (posted in "Artistic")

x-The Natural (posted in "Social")

x-Master Motivator (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Free Will Mastery (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Family Business (posted in "Relationships")

x-Sex Healing (posted in "Health")

x-Bring Husband Back (posted in "Relationships")

x-Dominant Master (posted in "Social")

x-Unlimited Super Energy (posted in "Business")

x-Friendship (posted in "Social")

x-Happy Social Life (posted in "Social")

x-Faith and Belief (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Multidimensional Being (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Door to Door Sales Mastery (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Stop Masturbation Addiction (posted in "Health")

x-Go With The Flow (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Comfort Eating (posted in "Health")

x-Witty Comebacks (posted in "Persuasion")

x-Win Friends - Influence People (posted in "Social")

x-Gratitude, Appreciation (ex husband back, posted in "Manifesting")

x-Records Management Pro (posted in "Business")

x-Self Sabotage (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Texas Two Step Lottery Jackpot (posted in "Business")

x-Protection From Gossip (Posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Tranny Fantasy (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Financial Success For College Students (Money For College) (posted in "Business")

x-German Language (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Dominant Arousal (posted in "Relationships")

x-Reduce Inflammation (posted in "Health")

x-Longevity - Immortality (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Super Intuition (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Pale White Skin (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Brahman Consciousness (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Love Making Music (posted in "Artistic")

x-Success Perfectionist (posted in "Business")

x-Parapsychology Business (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Burning Desire (posted in "Business")

x-Reptilian Defense (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-World Class DJ (posted in "Artistic")

x-Poker Champion (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Release Shame (posted in "Social")

x-EuroMillions Lottery Winner (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Attract Women (posted in "Social")

x-Eliminate Fear (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-YouTube Famous (posted in "Business")

x-Stop Listening To Music (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Benjamins Wealth Respect Power Girls (posted in "Manifesting")

x-Psoriasis Buster (posted in "Health")

x-Perfect Quarterback (posted in "Sports")

x-Control Your Environment (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-BJJ Grappling (posted in "Sports")

x-Under Pressure (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Million Dollar Consulting (posted in "Business")

x-Repressed Memories (posted in "Mind Skills")

x-Extreme Good Luck (posted in "Parapsychology")

x-Money Job Health Career  (posted in "Business")

x- Strategic Genius (posted in "Mind Skills")

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/5smxePwgFow" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




my englis is bed ok

hi george en all i m marco jung subconcius resercer my site fre stuff http://tvorac.com/ to all

can you do skript for det my supconcius frend from ader part of erth 

i  start lern to mace subliminal bhat im not good whit words en ideas for you to:)

all if you haw ideas join

good luck to all

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trn off 

unconscious defense mechanism


trn off 

unconscious defense mechanism 

(you know after trauma ,whot you tink george is good to mace dis )

my recquest;))origato

good luck

Can you be a little bit more specific? What situations? What areas would it be helpful?

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George how about something like this(this is a rough concept)

Bad boy charm, attitude. and seduction:


Know when and how to push-pull

Confident with women

approach women with ease

women are submissive

Excellent conversation skills

Dynamic with women/dominate them(playfully verbally and dominate them in the bedroom)

Daring/Fun/Create Thrill and Thrive on Thrill

Know how to be Hot and Cold..not a pushover

Know how to approach and converse with women

Attractive to women socially,physically, and sexually

Suspenseful, sexually tense, but also action pact and daring. Know how to savor the seduction, but also Daring/Bold to take action whenever

Not get put down by negative-feedback(objections) and instead turn that around as an opportunity to increase attraction



George, this is an overall persona I am trying to develop and would like to see this on the list. Change the affirmations as needed.

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esy transition whit smyle

old energy new energy

old world new world

no presure no problem heppy joy transition acepting  go whit flo 

sory george i i use tu much space det just come to me if don like delite ok good luck to all



relis all negativ bilive from oders en all negativ emotion from oders in me permanentli

be ligte inside

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I have some ideas to suggest but first, thank you for the one woman army that is AWESOME!! 

Brilliant and I think you have definitely tapped into what I was asking for.  


I can't seem to find one of the videos you had but I'm sure it's there somewhere it was something like your life is a party filled with happiness love and laughter or something like that.  Maybe I've just forgotten the name?


I guess two requests are Ice Skating (again, I don't know if many people would want that, they might and you could add roller blading, skate boarding and roller skating if you want to make it more generic.  In the sports section.  No rush.  I CAN skate I'm OK at it, but it always seems to take a while for my confidence to come back to me when ice skating and my speed to get up a bit.  Affirmations included about staying safe when skating I always do anyway but I'm thinking a little more generically here.  


Also, I'd still love an overcome approach anxiety one for woman yes I know I'm being a little greedy.  But I think it would be really fun and there are a lot of shy guys in this city, on odd occasion I catch a guy looking at me and he'll see me catch him and look away, embarrassed to be caught! Maybe something in there about only being drawn to approach men who like to be approached by women because I know that (a) some men LOVE to be the approacher and let them keep that ;-) and for some men who do have approach anxiety, I can see how liberating it is for them and their confidence to make themselves break through that.  (Or am I just REALLY overthinking things here? :-) )


And something to attract romance, dates etc.  Not even a boyfriend, you have things for that.  But you do have lots of awesome social and relationship ones that really help around this subject plus loads of other cool stuff as well.  Like attracting dates with romantic guys.  

Again, no rush, just when you get around to it.  Or even maybe make it unisex if you think....I've mostly come across guys who want sex or they want a girlfriend but there may be guys in the middle - kinda as I am - who enjoy going on dates with lovely women not just flings or settling down?

Things have already improved a heck of a lot and not just in my love life and you are a big part of that!!!


What else, on that subject maybe an Alpha female one about going for what one wants and so on.  Maybe it's already covered with that action one but it's just a thought NOT in the sense of being a biatch, I don't want that.  I'll have a think on this. I quite like how specific that guy who wanted the "bad boy" one was and it's made me want to break it down and think of some more specific things that it might be nice to have in it.  The GOOD qualities of an Alpha female without the bad.   I know it's something that not many people cover.  Some do, but it's quite rare.  So it's something that might at some stage become quite popular.  There are things out there but not much.  And your products are REALLY GOOD! 



I think this is all that comes to mind right now, and it's a lot!  

I am just so excited with all you've brought to us already and I feel so blessed, lucky, empowered.

Life is changing for the better and I'm SO excited by what's to come! 

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P.S. OOH I LIKE the idea of a dream guy one!

And I'm sure some people would love that and a dream girl one.


Thank you for existing, George, seriously and I don't mean to go on and on about it, but you are a genius and we're really grateful for you 

and all the help you give!!!

Dream guy one, yes please, so when I am ready bring it on man!  and yes dream girl one for those wanting that!  


(Wow the invisibility one will be next...exciting stuff!)

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Could you please make one to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?


I would like to have a perfect complexion with out having to put on concealer/makeup every morning.


Also, if it is not too much, could you make one for pretty eyes? It would include long curly eyelashes, thick/perfect eye brows, firm eyelids, etc.



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