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Watch Out For Meteor Juice


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Human fears are an insanely useful thing.

But only if we use them correctly.

The "incorrect" use of fear is not dealing with it.

A long time ago, I used to be a big fan of Stephen King.

The movie, "Creepshow," which came out in the 80's, was about a bunch of short stories.

He played one of the goofy characters.

He was a hillbilly type who found a meteor.

He picked it up, and it oozed meteor juice all over him.

Since it was a comedy-horror movie, the meteor juice immediately started to mutate his arm.

He thought about going to the doctor, but was stopped by his worst-feared scenario.

His worst feared scenario was the doctor holding a huge knife and with a wicked grin saying, "This is going to be EXTREMELY painful!"

Of course, the hillbilly didn't go to the doctor, and the meteor juice ended up mutating his entire body, eventually killing him.

This is the "incorrect" use of fear.

To imagine the worst case scenario, assuming it's going to happen, and not doing squat.

What is the "correct" use of fear?

Our worst feared outcomes are IDEAL planning tools.

Most people have heard (at least a billion times) the idea of "planning for the worst while hoping for the best."

Our brains are FANTASTIC in perfectly delivering to us a "worst feared" outcome.

We are SUPPOSED to be afraid of those.

They are SUPPOSED to be horrifying.

But they aren't supposed to make us hide out in the closet while getting eaten by meteor juice.

They are supposed to be used as planning tools.

Things to PREVENT against.

It's like our brain is saying, "HEY! Make sure this doesn't happen!"

Only for most people, the only way to "make sure this doesn't happen" is to not do anything.

That is a strategy, but it's a pretty useless one.

Because once you HAVE that worst feared outcome, you can plan all kinds of ways around it.

Especially if those worst feared outcomes come in the form of social situations.

Even more so if those worst feared outcomes come in the form of other people saying things.

Because once we've got our worst feared outcome in the form of somebody SAYING something, there are plenty of ways to make sure it doesn't happen.

Eighteen ways, to be precise.

This means ANY social fear you can imagine, you can destroy it in EIGHTEEN different ways.

Making sure it DOESN'T happen.

Learn How:


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