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Humans love stories.

We've been telling stories to each other since the dawn of time.

And these stories all have similar elements.

Whether the story is about fighting dragons, or fighting government corruption, the overall structure is very similar.

You've got the good guy, and the bad guy.

And the good guy is never wholly good.

He or she ALWAYS has some kind of flaw.

And central to most stories, before the hero kills the bad guy in the world, he's got to face his demons within.

How this is presented is different from story to story.

Sometimes they have what Joseph Campbell calls a "belly of the whale" experience.

Where they are physically constrained, and have to face some literal demon-type thing.

Sometimes they have real world issues like broken relationships, addiction, or a physical handicap.

However they are presented, they represent the same idea.

We've all got demons inside, and we'll all face "bad guys" outside.

And BEFORE we can face the bad guys outside, we've go to FIRST defeat the demons inside.

There is simply no way around this.

And like the crazy guy in the Road Warrior screamed, "You can run, but you can't hide!"

Because that demon will always be within us, no matter where we go.

And until you kill that dude, killing the bad guys outside is going to be difficult.

Of course, the bad guys outside come in many forms.

A job interview, something important you've got to say to somebody important before it's too late.

But unless you destroy the demons within, that "bad guy" outside is going to seem incredibly terrifying.

So, how, exactly, do you destroy the demon within?

Just like you eat an elephant.

One bit at a time.

Start by identifying your inner fears.

The fears you hope NOBODY ever finds out.

Then slay them, one at a time.

All your fears come with a specific structure.

And once you understand the structure of your fears, you can dismantle them.

Take them apart so they lose their hold.

Unlike the movies, this takes time, and it is nowhere near as dramatic.

You don't actually have to stand on a collapsing bridge shouting, "You shall not pass!"

But you do have to the work.

If you get busy, you can slay one inner demon per day.

All by yourself, in the demon killing arena of your mind.

The more of your inner demons you kill, the EASIER it will be to handle all those "bad guys" out in real life.

Get Started:


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